What is the schedule for Volume III? The first single is planned for September?

Yes, currently it looks like it will be September 10th.

And the album?

It's not 100% sure yet. It will be in the fall, I'd guess middle of October, end of October, or early November, some time around then. And early November in Europe.

So this time, it won't be that long after the release in Norway?

No, this time there's not such a long wait between Norway and Europe. It will be out within two or three weeks. But actually, we have a release plan that is secret at this time. It will be announced together with the single, on September 10th. That's when we will announce the launching progress. So you'll get to see then how it will go, because it is not decided yet - and in addition, we have a new idea there ...

Will there be more singles?

There will be at least two. We'll do it the same way as usual: first there'll be a signature song ...

... and then there'll be the hit?

And then there might be a hit. (laughs)

You have already filmed some videos. Can you tell us something about them?

Not much. We'll take that up in September, together with the single. But we shot two really cool videos in Budapest, so we have two great videos on the way.

And those are for the two singles?

No, actually not. But ... you'll find out later. (laughs)

In the design of the trilogy, you're using several symbols that don't really appear in the lyrics, like the bird or the baby stroller or the bat. Do they have anything to do with the story?

No, not directly. It's a bit surreal and underlines the feeling that we want to have. And it's quite artistic, which is nice. The raven that turns into a tree, or that pram is really pretty; it symbolizes that Violeta is born. There's a thought behind everything, and the bat ... you relate that to the night and darkness, and it's a bit demon-like. And both the brother and the devil in the story are in the same category.

And then you have the butterflies next to it as contrast.


Will there be a limited edition of Volume III again?

I think so, yes. The first one had 4000 copies, the second as well, and I think that all three will have the same number of copies for the special edition.

In the last years, there were a few limited editions that weren't really that limited, like Våre Demoner.

That album was pressed in 9000 copies, and there will never be another edition. If people think that this is not limited, then I guess they just have to think that, and if the record is still changing hands even after we stopped selling it - so be it. That's just the nature of trade. It's just really nice that people are interested in the record!

You released vinyl records in different colors after the first edition was sold out. What's the idea behind that?

Those who work with vinyl and know most about it - we work with Big Dipper in Oslo -, they say that collectors are highly interested in having different versions of the same thing, where only the color of the vinyl is different. So that's why we had one or two different colors in such limited versions. No big numbers. What people need to be aware of is that there's no money in something like this. It's just a cool thing. There's no economic profit - for no one really - in pressing 500 copies of a brown LP, just expenses. But it's a cool thing for collectors.

Who then might complain, because they "have to" buy everything.

But well - that is your problem! We cannot limit our releases to take into consideration that there are some fans that don't have enough money. That's not our problem. We just produce a selection that is cool, and then it's up to you if you want to collect Kaizers stuff or not.

Lately, you produced a lot of different things, like the vodka, the "polka box" with shot glasses, and chocolate. I guess you don't earn money with these things either?

No. We just think that these are side projects that are quite nice. And it fit very well! We have the vodka because we sing about vodka in our lyrics, so we thought it was quite cool to have our own vodka. Actually, we designed the vodka to have it in the cover. And then an idea came up ... Because we have this song En for orgelet, en for meg and other songs, and the title of the next single is Aldri vodka, Violeta [Never vodka, Violeta]. So we sing about this. And we have always done that, and even more now. All this about the vodka and what it does to you is an elemental part of the story, so that's why it was one of the elements we wanted to have in the cover. Therefore we made the cover and the label and said that it would be fantastic if that vodka was actually available at Vinmonopolet [where you buy alcohol in Norway]. And that was a good idea, and so we arranged it, and now you can buy it at Vinmonopolet. That's a link that fits 100%. And then there was Sonny, and we put together a box - together with Sjokoladepiken in Stavanger -, in gold and velour, just like the theater. And when you open it, Tore Renberg's script is in there. And Volume II, because that was released at the same time. And of course chocolate from the local chocolate store! And they sold that one at the theater - which is also a link that is 100% natural. There's a close cooperation in Stavanger between Kaizers and Tore Renberg and the theater and the Stavanger symphonic orchestra and some restaurants. It's a small place, all is very close; you just basically work with the chocolate factory and the theater. So this is also just natural. And we will have a similar thing for Volume III as well, which will be even more ... how should I put it ... exclusive design.

There will be a new photo book soon. Does this have anything to do with the trilogy?

No, that's "ten years in photos", from 2002 to 2012. With pictures by Paal and Terje. You might already know Paal's pictures, those are all the well-known shots, but you haven't seen Terje's photos yet. And then there'll be a text by Geir Rakvåg, who writes about the history of Kaizers from an outside viewpoint.

Are there any plans for the exhibition?

There will be an exhibition in Stavanger in November/December. Actually, the plan was to have only an exhibition, but then the publisher proposed to do a book as well. And the exhibition will probably travel to one or two more cities. Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, one of those.

How much are you yourselves involved with Facebook?

Oh, that's Geir all the way.

I thought there were also promo people involved?

Yes, but just a little. They help a bit when we are very busy on tour. But it's 90% Geir.

What is the idea behind what you post there?

We have our own style regarding what we post, so that we post only a few, but slightly exclusive things. Instead of posting every hour, all day: "Well, good night, now Kaizers will go to bed and sleep." We've stuck to that style on the internet for ten years now, to hold a bit back, but if we say something, we mean it. We don't like to nag and pester with information about what we eat for breakfast and such baloney. We try to keep it relevant, informative, enlightening, and funny. The good photo quality of the iPhone made it easier to bring across the atmosphere on tour, so we posted more of that lately.

Del I: "Alt gikk akkurat etter planen."

Del II: "Vodkaen er en sentral ting i historien."

Del III: "I England har de spurt om å få Kaizers i ti år."


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Del II: "Vodkaen er en sentral ting i historien."