These are my first impressions of the Maestro album. First, there's my very first thoughts that went through my head when listening to the 30 second clippings (of course I only wrote about the songs I didn't know yet), then the first impression of the whole album after listening to it once - of course this is not representative. And finally the "real" review after listening to the album pretty often.

The rules are simple - listen to it, write it down, translate it, don't correct anything. Sorry if I should step on somebody's toes, I hope that I can revise everything that is negative until the final review. =;-)

After listening to each 30 second clipping exactly twice

Knekker deg til sist
Hmm, what does knecke mean? Ah, to crack. Ok. Sounds funky and much more like pop than usually - hmm... this guitar melody is somehow... don't know. Out of place? Old-fashioned? Stupid?

Señor Flamingos Adieu
Hey, that is the same melody as Blitzregn Baby?!? *rofl* Why didn't I notice that earlier?!?

Dieter Meyers Inst.

Why two ballads in a row? Sounds boring also, but the first review praised this song, so let's see. Sounds like Janove and Geir acoustic, but seems like only Janove is singing.

Jaevel av en tango
Surprise, surprise, a tango. And again a Janove-choir, right? The others are only allowed to scream, or what? =;-) Sounds nice.

Papa har lov
Great, great, great! "Another danceable song". *g*

Auksjon (I Dieter Meyers Hall)
Hmm, somebody has listened to Tommy far too often. *lol* Musical with Gypsy band - cooooool!

After listening to each song exactly once

After one and a half weeks

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