Schorndorf was the concert of the tour that everybody was a bit worried about – it was announced pretty late, it’s a small place, and Kaizers had never played there before. So therefore we were busy handing out flyers before the concert! And obviously, it helped at least a bit – there were a bit over 100 people there, which of course did not fill up the venue, but it didn’t look terribly empty either.

Jarle Bernhoft worked hard to warm up the audience, and he was well received – even though the audience was rather quiet. So quiet that Jarle went down into the audience in the end and sang along there. =;-)

Kaizers played a bit of an “economy version” of a concert again, similar to the Gent show. They didn’t use the bass drum, and they didn’t do the introduction in Kontroll. The setlist was identical to the last two days, and the only encore was Bak et halleluja this time.

Unlike in Gent, Kaizers were talking a LOT throughout the concert, which of course was quite amusing. And since I’m in the car on the way to Wien right now and typing isn’t really that comfortable, here’s just some notes again. =;-)

… which means that Kaizers managed to succeed again and win triumphantly! Unfortunately, there weren’t that many people there to convince, but I think that all that were there were really excited. At least that’s what all the smiling faces told me when I looked around during Bak et halleluja… so great!


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auch wenn die Hütte nicht zusammengebrochen ist, ein echtes Highlight im sch(w)äbischen Musikallerlei.
Grund genug für mich als Kaizers-Neueinsteiger meinen Hals nach weiteren Zusammenkünften zu recken.
ich freue mich schon aufs nächste Mal...
maba (12/02/07)

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