After the rather small Samfundet in the rather big city Trondheim, it was now time for a concert in a huge hall in a tiny town. The hall in Levanger had place for a few thousand people, and almost 2000 were actually there in the end. Wow, pretty impressive! In the beginning, we were a bit skeptical, because the hall was divided into two parts: one without age limit and one with an 18-year limit. As a result, the “free” part filled up quickly, while there was hardly anyone in the other section. But until the concert started, both sides had filled up nicely, and the atmosphere was great.

The concert started with the support band Blomst, who had won the competition to get to warm up for Kaizers. And rightfully so! The music was really good, and they managed to warm up the crowd, with their own songs and a strategically placed Raga Rockers cover. =;-)

Kaizers didn’t have to do much afterwards to conquer the crowd – in the beginning, the Jackal joked a bit about how more and more of the people on the stands in the back (thus the parents *g*) would stand up the more Kaizers would be playing. Lateron he didn’t even have to mention it anymore; everyone got up on their own, and in general, everyone participated and was engaged in the concert, singing and clapping along, in the front and in the back. Yay! As a result, the audience was really loud as well, and the atmosphere was amazing. When the Jackal lost his microphone at some point in time, he took a looooong time to find it and get it to work again, so that the audience “had to” take over the singing in between. Which we gladly did, of course. =;-)

Before they played “Din kjole lukter bensin, mor”, the Jackal explained that they had practiced a duett with an artist from Trøndelag, but well… he got sick, so Hellraizer had to jump in and take over. No problem!

Hjerteknuser got the Russian introduction again, and Helge had the shot glass for the intro in his jacket pocket. (Who knows, maybe he also did in Trondheim, but I couldn’t see it there. *g*) This time, I could see Helge much better and could watch him throughout the concert, suddenly going into slow motion, bewitching his lamps, or going completely crazy during Svarte katter. Hach, so cool!

At the end of “Drøm videre, Violeta”, there were “2000 wolves in the hall”, howling at the moon – really impressive. At the end of Maestro, the Jackal changed the chorus into “Sving din hammer, Levanger!”, and after the encores, he dragged each of the band members (and Helge a couple of times) into the spotlight so the audience could applaud – which we did, of course!

There’s not really a lot more to report in addition to that. As mentioned, the atmosphere was great; so it wasn’t necessary for the band to talk a lot. We were standing pretty much in the center in the front, so of course we had great fun. And even though the setlist didn’t contain many highlights for me, the concert was awesome! Entirely different from the one in Trondheim, but great (and with much better sound)!

The full setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, Delikatessen, Støv og sand, 9mm, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Diamant til kull, Prosessen, Bøn fra helvete, Enden av november, Apokalyps meg, Den andre er meg, Evig pint, Kontroll på kontinentet, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. Encore KGB, Drøm videre Violeta, and Maestro.

After the concert, it was snowing strongly outside, and it was quite chaotic. So we didn’t have a chance but to change our plans and drive to Oslo the next morning instead of that night… Which made it much more exciting to see if we’d make it back in time for the Sonny play that night. But it was much easier driving during the day than in the dark of night with huge amounts of snow in the air and on the ground…


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2012/2/19: Trønderhallen, Levanger