Seems I got through my birthday rather well! At least I was asked for my ID at the door this time… For a concert with an 18-year age limit. On my 33rd birthday… Well, I’ll just take that as a compliment!

This time, we were there just after the doors opened and managed to find a nice place in the front on the left side. The support Jenny Moe was… well, not that spectacular, I gotta say. But then, we only saw the back of her piano, actually.

And then the concert started! Unselfish as I am, I had sent in my birthday wish setlist beforehand, and it almost looked like Kaizers would actually play it – but “only” for the first couple of songs and a few other highlights, the remaining songs were different in the end. But the setlist was great! Except that I really really missed På ditt skift… =:-( Pretty pretty please, play that tonight, yes?!

The setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Djevelens orkester, Señor Torpedo, Femtakt filosofie, Di grind, Støv og sand, Delikatessen, Psycho under min hatt, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Gresk komedie, Bøn fra helvete, Apokalyps meg, Den andre er meg, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet, Diamant til kull, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser. First encore Medisin & psykiatri, Drøm videre Violeta, Dieter Meyers Inst. Second encore Prosessen.

The atmosphere was great – not quite as enthusiastic as the first night, but then we were standing in front of the stage this time. And to save some time, here are the details as plain list instead of long text:

And for the rest of the report, I hand over to my friends, since I might be a tiny bit biased… =;-)

After a fantastic pre-show dinner with birthday cake and ice cream to celebrate Susi’s birthday, and after the fantastic concert, the evening climaxed when the Jackal entered the stage for the final encore holding two champagne glasses and a champagne bottle. This was, of course, to celebrate two things. First, Violeta Violeta vol. II has sold to platinum in Norway. Secondly, it’s someone special’s birthday! This very special fan, who turned 33 this evening, and has come all the way from Germany! And of course, this special fan had to come up on stage and answer a few questions. The 1700 fans in the audience cheered wildly as Susi was lifted up on stage! And the Jackal thought this would be a perfect time for a small interview…

– How did you become a fan? “Well, I saw a concert, and I just fell in love…”

(more wild cheers from the audience)

-WOW, you speak Norwegian fluently!!! Why is that? “To understand the lyrics, of course!”

– How many concerts have you seen? “I’m not sure, about 130-something…”

– 130 concerts!!! Now THAT’S a FAN!!!

(and the crowd goes wild…)

So, this is why he had TWO glasses – one for Kaizers Orchestra, and one for Susi, the number one fan! Hellraizer opened the champagne bottle, filled the glasses (and of course had to spray some champagne on the front rows) and the last song of the evening was of course dedicated to Susi! She sat on stage through Prosessen, and disappeared off stage with the band afterwards… We can’t write about everything that happened after that – but we CAN say that it was a great birthday party!!!

(Let’s do it again next year!)

And now that we’ve finished off this last part of the report in English, it’s time to translate it to German… Except, at this point there’s only one person left writing, and I really don’t know German… So bear with me – but I’ll have to ask Google translate for help. So if the German version is completely unintelligible, please try to read the English one instead… *gg*

And one last thing, that can’t be repeated enough:


– written by Lena with a little help from Mox –


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how awesome! :D I wish I was there to see it, sounds cool!
happy birthday, susi! (yesterday)
you’re insanly lucky, please tell us at least something of what happend backstage! I saw the picture on facebook, of janove and omen, it looked like they had blast, haha:)
L* (12/03/02)

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