The third and last day with a Kaizers concert in Oslo, and this time, the report will be a bit shorter. Which doesn’t mean that the concert was bad, not at all! It was just a bit different from the other two concerts. Kaizers put more focus on the songs, didn’t talk that much (hardly at all, actually) between the songs, and the setlist was a bit more “traditional” as well.

The special thing about this concert was that there was no age limit on the gallery. This means that the gallery was full of kids who were experiencing their very first Kaizers concert – and that was really great! The atmosphere on the gallery was much better than the other days. I was down in front of the stage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the atmosphere up on the gallery was (even) better than down in front this time! In any case, the Jackal didn’t have to ask them even once to get up, and of course they were joining in and singing along all the time. Cool!

Apart from that, there’s not a lot report. The setlist didn’t hold that many surprises (but the suprises that were there were even better – Bris and Evig pint, yay!). As always, the Russian introduction won the vote before Hjerteknuser (even though Kaizers had planned so many great specials for the French introduction, like the rockets…), but this time, not only the Jackal got a shot of Vodka, but he also gave one to Killmaster and one to Thunder and one to the audience (which the security obviously didn’t like to see at all, uhem). As always, they dragged out the break in Svarte katter (while Omen was combing his beard and found out that he didn’t have hair to comb), and there was another very long break in 170.

The conclusion of the concert was a bit strange – not because of the band, but because of the audience. Omen and the Jackal came out again to play Kvite russer. But the audience wanted to hear Die Polizei instead – and so they didn’t really sing along loudly, and started to shout for Die Polizei in the middle (!) of Kvite russer. Which – of course! – the Jackal didn’t like too much. At least they finished the song before disappearing. I could have understood it as well if they had just left… =:-/

But still: a great conclusion for three amazing concerts in Oslo!

Here’s the full setlist: I ett med verden, Tusen dråper regn, Knekker deg til sist, 9mm, Støv og sand, Ompa til du dør, Prosessen, Diamant til kull, Din kjole lukter bensin mor, En for orgelet en for meg, Kontroll på kontinentet, Bris, Evig pint, Bøn fra helvete, Philemon Arthur & the Dung, Resistansen, Svarte katter & flosshatter, Hjerteknuser, Maestro. First encore KGB, Drøm videre Violeta, 170. Second encore Min kvite russer.

This time there will also be photos of the concert, but it’ll take a few days, I guess…


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The atmosphere in the gallery was off the hook! I was surprised that everyone was standing all out the concert! It is definetly a memory for life :)
Elias (12/03/04)

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