I still remember my first Kaizers concert in Brussels vividly: I drove there alone and was searching for the club without any clue of where it was (and where _I_ was!), After a while, I was completely lost, started navigating by the sun (which actually worked!), and finally parked my car anywhere so that I could walk around and find out where I needed to go – and then I peaked around the first corner and stood right behind the tour bus and in front of the venue. =;-) This time, I arrived by train and tried to somehow figure out how to get from the station to the hotel, with nothing but a bad printout of a map … and as soon as I was completely lost and had no clue where I was, I peaked around a corner and stood right behind the bus and in front of the venue. Yay!

So that was a pretty good start – to an awesome day in great company, with tasty wafffles followed by a fun multi-national Vorspiel, some partying for my birthday and my concert #150, and then it was time for just that concert!

All in all, the concert was pretty similar to the one in Amsterdam, with a few small but really nice suprises in the setlist (Dr. Mowinckel and Satan i halsen!!). The atmosphere maybe wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as in Amsterdam, but the (rather small) venue was packed, and as always, there were gleaming faces all around. =:-)

The setlist:

In the beginning, they played song after song without a lot of breaks in between. But Omen knew how to entertain the crowd right from the beginning! No matter if he started counting his fingers after he put on his working gloves, or if he used the bass drum as mirror later on, to check if his gas mask was correctly in place. His performance after his solo in Svarte katter was a bit less spectacular this time, though, since he “only” played around with the megaphone a bit – and the Jackal started talking trash to him afterwards. Until Thunder jumped in and tried to pull the Jackal back. It took Hellraizer and Mink as well to get him off Omen – and honestly, I’m not sure I want to know what someone who maybe saw Kaizers live for the first time thought about that scene … *cough* I mean, I was more than amused, but you could also misunderstand that whole scene and take it serious! After the song, Omen started taking notes about what had happened (or maybe he was counting how many people there were in the audience?). According to the Jackal, he was calculating how much money he’s earning tonight, because money is all Omen thinks about.

Early on in the concert, the Jackal asked us to choose which oil drum bat he was supposed to use – the big one? Or the better one? ‘Cause the small one is much better to play music with! After some detailed explanations, the audience actually chose the smaller bat – a first!

Lateron the Jackal complained that he’s got a sore throat and that management suggested he should let the guitar player sing a song as well. Hellraizer was totally in for it – but it meant that the Jackal had to take over Hellraizer’s barrel and steel rim … but hey, no problem for the Jackal. He promised to deliver a musical performance on the barrel, in the way he usually does it down in his basement – but management said he should bring it out of the basement and up on a stage to make money with it. All of that he told us without his microphone, by the way (’cause Hellraizer was at the mike). Well, Hellraizer wondered a little bit if all this screaming was really a good thing for the sore throat? “Oh, I’m just getting warmed up!” – Well, then it’s probably okay … *g*

At some point in time, the Jackal was asked to take off his shirt. But he said that wasn’t necessary, since he already lost one of his shirt buttons at yesterday’s concert. And at every of the upcoming concerts, another button will follow – “and once the last button goes …”

There were only two encores this time – first the Begravelsespolka (where Omen and the Jackal got some company on stage for the tap dance; but actually, that was of course not as spontaneous as it looked, but even rehearsed in advance *g*), and then Dieter Meyers. And that was the end – rather soon and sudden …

But it was a great concert anyway, and the night went on for quite a while and was great fun. WE didn’t have to get back on the road right away and drive all night – we still have the whole day to get to Zürich …


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Do you know who it was that tap danced during Begravelsespolka?
Mary Bechard (14/04/24)

Yes, the wife of an American Kaizer fan. Why? :)
Susi S. (14/04/25)

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