Originally, this concert was planned as a closed event without any tickets on sale. But at some point, someone realized that it wouldn’t make sense to play in front of a basically empty arena, so they did start to sell some tickets. When I arrived just before the support band was supposed to start, there were maybe a few hundred people in the whole arena. When Kaizers started, it was still quite empty – well, they started at 7 pm already! It did fill up a bit throughout the concert, but there were still a lot of empty seats …

Honestly, I didn’t expect anything from the concert. Of course they’d play the festival setlist without huge surprises – and they did. They wouldn’t play two and a half hours – and they didn’t. But almost two, which surprised me. And there would hardly be any talking in between the songs – WRONG.

It seems like the event was for a German company – not quite sure. But Kaizers had been told (or at least they said they had been told … you know to take everything they say with a pinch of salt *g*) that half of the audience was German. So they started speaking English instead of Norwegian when explaining that Susanne Sundfør had unfortunately canceled but Hellraizer was prepared to take her part – after all, he’s got years of experience in show business, can sing, dance, everything! Then the Jackal noticed he was speaking English and explained why. “So, can all you foreigners make some noise? Oh wait, that’s only six or seven of you!” Back to Norwegian then. “But who said we should speak English??” Hellraizer explained – it was just a practical joke …

But then, the Jackal had actually practiced the next song in German for the occasion! So we got “Eins für die Orgel und eins für mich” as next song, and he consistently used the German title. *g*

Before the “blues songs”, the Jackal explained that they are six men in Kaizers that like very different genres and styles and … whatever. I couldn’t really concentrate on what he was talking about, because … well, after he mentioned that they are six people, Omen started counting, using his fingers, and NEVER getting it right. *rofl* And after he was done with that, he got his crowbar and a hammer and went to work on opening his water bottle. Which he kept trying throughout the whole concert – and when he finally made it, he got quite some cheers. =;-) (Though honestly – I really felt like telling one of the others “go help that poor guy!!!” *g*)

At some point in time the Jackal told us that they came prepared and actually had a translator behind the stage, as they were told there were so many Germans in the audience. It was the front man of Rammstein! But for only six people it was not worth to bring him out …

Next up was the only surprise in the setlist – Enden av November. A song before its time, because well … it’s only the middle of September.

Then it was time to admire Hellraizer’s guitar, which he bought in LA. There was quite some talk about what songs you are allowed to play in a music store when you buy a guitar, and that not everybody gets to buy a guitar everywhere! But hey, Hellraizer was actually allowed to buy this guitar in LA! Then Killmaster walked up to the Jackal, wanting to talk about his guitar. “Uh, sure … where did you buy that one? Klepp?” *rofl* They took up the subject later again, discussing how many people have played Metallica songs when buying a guitar in Stavanger, which lead to “… and James Hetfield is here tonight! Thanks for all your inspiration!” *gg* Yes, they were in a quite talkative mood. =;-)

In Kontroll på kontinentet, we got the jury voting again; but before that, it was the war of guitar players with the Jackal trying to keep them separated. *g* Guys, your acting is great, you just might want to add a REASON why you are mad at each other to the act. =;-)

As at the last concerts, we got a competition between Kaizers, floor, and stands in Resistansen again. Except that this time, it was Kaizers, floor, and “Germans”. Because Kaizers decided that the stands were full of Germans that payed double price for the seated tickets. So we competed again who was the loudest – until the Jackal concluded: “Kaizers are the loudest. Thank you, everyone, and good night.” And off they went. =:-O OK, only for a few seconds, then they gave us a second chance. Namely to hold one tone – but no, it didn’t work. Someone was singing wrong! And that is really NOT acceptable. So we were supposed to really make sure that we sing correctly, so we don’t ruin it for everybody. And everyone who’s singing wrong will be kicked out!

It worked fine – “everyone from Norway managed it! Now the Germans on the stands …” And then the Jackal explained that he would direct the tone, starting on one side on the stands and going round to the other side. Which worked just perfectly! And after you invent a “hold the tone” la ola, you play with it, of course, so he was just going back and forth and from one side to the other, and the “Germans” played along. Awesome! Why do I have the feeling that we’ll get to see that again? =;-)

After Svarte katter, the Jackal thanked Omen, very politely, explaining all the great things that Omen gave to the band and how much that helped and how nice that is of him – while Omen was polishing his finger nails. *g*

For some reason, Hellraizer announced Hjerteknuser backwards – but for a change, we did not get any kind of “and when this thing drops the song starts”. =;-) And before the reprise, the Jackal managed to get all the “Germans” on the stands to get up and wave their arms as well.

Then it was time for the encores. Hellraizer had lost his bet – we wanted more than just one song. “No, I didn’t lose! The Germans don’t want more!” But they managed to convince him, so we got both Drøm videre Violeta and Maestro – the latter dedicated to the people that are in the front row every day.

All in all, a concert with a LOT of talking – but that is definitely not a bad thing! The setlist was a typical festival show, the concert was over at 9 pm, but it was a really entertaining show. And I guess I won’t get that close to the stage with such little hassling in the crowd at any of the remaining concerts …

The setlist:


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