I guess I’ll just skip the introductory sentence today – “now it was time for the second-to-last concert” just sounds way too depressing …

But we got another amazing show! I heard differing opinions, but I thought the show was even better than the one on Thursday. The setlist was maybe a tiny little bit weaker, but then I thought the atmosphere was better. And I was in a much better mood. =:-)

It seems like the crew is starting to have their “final concert” fun now – the concert actually started with a (play) fight at the side of the stage while the band played Aldri vodka. The next songs were as usual, no surprises there. In the introduction in Forloveren, Janove got the audience to do “czk czk” again, like he did on the last European tour. Followed up with: “That sounds a bit like jazz! Let’s not do too much of it …” And Omen was actually playing on the “organ, keyboard, piano, and toilet paper” today – ’cause he was busy cleaning his helmet during the introduction.

For some reason that I didn’t catch, Killmaster invited us all backstage after the show – or actually into “his backstage”. And he gave us his number so we could call him to get in. =;-)

In Kontroll på kontinentet, we got a crew jury verdict again – but this time, the White Russian went for the “10” right away instead for the “OK”. So consequently, “the guy with the 6.2” was fired …

They get lots of song wished, from fans and friends and family – yes, even aunts and uncles! But the best wish they got was for a demo version, specifically, of an Evig Pint song – yep, we got Salt & Pepper again, yippie! =:-) And in the middle of the song, the Jackal pointed out: “And remember, this is just a demo!”

Kaizers actually discussed on stage whether the concert was better than yesterday’s, and the conclusion was that it was – because Hellraizer had bought some deodorant today …

Next it was time for the song that can only be started by jumping off a barrel. So I had my phone out already to write Hjerte… – but no! Wrong! Whut?! That’s not Hjerteknuser, but De Involverte! Also a song I love, because they played it so much early in their career … awesome. And quite surprising after that misleading introduction. *g*

Then there was some talk about what a nostalgic person the Jackal is – but then, everything that’s happening now will be in the past 10 minutes from now, so that’s nostalgia in the making! And next, only the Jackal and “han med barten” (“he with the beard”) would sing a song for us … well, these two and 5000 others, of course. =;-) Because the song was Kvite russer, and everyone was singing along.

The Jackal wondered if we all knew each other at the concert – well, almost, I would say … it’s the Kaizerfamily after all! And then “han med barten” started playing again. Jackal: “Oh gosh, that sounds sad! The guy with the beard is in a bad mood again …”

After Dieter Meyers, the Jackal thanked the crew and the support bands. And also us in the audience: “Thank you for allowing us to play for you for 15 years. And for becoming more and more! We started with 11 people in the audience at Cementen, and now it’s 5000 here. And we’re still 6 people in the band …”

Then it was actually time for Hjerteknuser – the song that can only start when a crystal glass breaks on the floor. And again, half of the splinters went into the aisle. Well, it might be a nice effect to start the song like that, but it’s definitely a dangerous thing to do …

Lots of activity in the aisle before the encores started (while the audience was singing White Stripes?!). They brought in another barrel (in the aisle), half of the crew was there, and the photographers gathered again – huh?! Turned out that the Jackal sang the whole first part of the song (before the tap dancing part) in the audience! Moving from the stage to the FOH. Okay, of course it was quite hard to see from the floor, but it was a nice little extra – and probably the time of their lives for those people who stood in the center of the action. =:-)

Then during the tap dance part, the Jackal suddenly got out of step – which really surprised me ’cause I hadn’t seen that happen before. A second later I realized though how that came about: parts of the crew were in the aisle, dancing along. *rofl*

Resistansen was as awesome as always; the Jackal maybe dragged it out a bit more than at the last concerts. First, the audience was showing the band how to do it, and then we got the Kaizers vs. floor vs. stands again. But actually slowing down in the end this time, not speeding up.

During Maestro, the Jackal changed the lyrics into “Sving din hammer – Stavanger!” and proclaimed: “Let’s go for the kill, boys!” Guess we were easy prey …

Ompa after Die Polizei worked a bit better for me tonight, because the Jackal had the audience sing all alone until the chorus. That was quite awesome! And after they were done, the Jackal first presented all of the band members to the audience separately before the others had to basically drag him to the front to also get a little bit of attention from the audience. =;-) Which he seemed to like quite good – so then he didn’t want to leave the stage. But Killmaster solved that problem quickly by grabbing him and just carrying him off. *g*

As I wrote in the beginning – I loved the show, and I thought it was even better than the one on Thursday. So let’s see what we’ll get at the final show … =:-/

The setlist:


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