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11.11.11. will be a milestone in the history of Kaizers, with releases of Volume II, the Spektrum DVD, and the premiere of the play "Sonny" at Rogaland Teater. If you are in Oslo that day, you can also meet the gang!

Kaizers will be in Oslo the first half of the epic release day and will show up for a record signing at Platekompaniet in Oslo City at, yes, you guessed it, 11 a.m. Afterwards they get on their way over the mountains to Stavanger, for the red carpet and the premiere of "Sonny" at 6 p.m. And if we know those guys right, it won't stop there either!

Saturday the 12th at noon, they'll show up again with a pen in the hand, this time at Platekompaniet's store in Stavanger. Before they travel a few miles south at 3 p.m. to the same music chain's premises at the mall Kvadrat, also here with an itch to sign and say hi!

If and maybe when there will record signings in other cities as well will be announced in due time!

Volume II:
And, for those of you who wonder about the formats and availability of the upcoming releases, we thought to present some wonderfully dry information to you here:

Volume II is mainly released as a regular jewel case CD, in unlimited quantity. In addition, there is an embossed digipak cd version of the album, which is printed in 4000 copies. Bright minds will see the link to the "studio tour" version of Volume I here, and they will be absolutely right in that comparison. This is the same principle and the same edition, thus no extra tracks or extra dvd or extra whatever here, for those wondering about it, just an embossed digipak cd version with the same musical content as the jewel case version. The difference is that this time, the digipak version is sold in stores, so that Janove, Geir, and Rune don't get to sit down together and pack each one of them and send them to you by mail, which they of course regret a lot. The embossed version can also be ordered and purchased online at Platekompaniet, for example.

The album is also available as vinyl version. The normal version is printed in 1500 copies at first, but if demand is high, more will be pressed. It is sold where vinyl is sold. In addition, there will be a limited, colored (red), vinyl version of 500 copies. These are divided up between Platekompaniet and Big Dipper in Oslo, and will therefore only be available there. We don't know if they are available online, but the mentioned shops should know.

Otherwise, the album is made available digitally starting November 11. iTunes sells it with the cover as pdf, WiMP has it ready by midnight, and Spotify offers Volume II for listening once they have cleared it in their system (which by the way is nothing WE can control in any way).

DVD/Bluray from Spektrum:
So that was Volume II, now on to the Oslo Spektrum concert from April 9 this year:

The Spektrum DVD is also released on Friday. The price of the DVD is 199.50 NOK, but those who have a discount coupon will get a 50 NOK discount at PK. The DVD contains the Spektrum concert, unaltered and in its entirety, in good and in bad, and a 28 minutes long tour documentary, filmed and edited by the band's own guitarist Geir Zahl, aka GeezaProductions. In addition, you get a slide show from the Spektrum concert, put together by Kaizer photographer Paal Audestad. As an extra bonus, an audio CD of the concert is included, with the most and best songs from the concert. Because of space limitations, not absolutely all of the songs are included there.

So we hope that all needs for information are covered and that 11/11/11 will be a day of joy for everyone, and see you at the signings!

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