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(Photo: Paal Audestad. The gang thinks about Volume!)

Volume II enters the charts as the best-selling album in Norway this week!

- That's great, Janove Kaizer says on the phone from London, where he spends a rare weekend off.

- This is actually the seventh album of our seven chances to reach the first place of the VG charts, which is a pretty amazing statistic, if I may say so myself.

- And to make it even more impressive, this placement is achieved after only two days on sale, Friday and Saturday last week!

- Yes, that's right. No, we really have to take off our hat to the fans who go and buy our records at the first and best opportunity. It's an amazing bunch. Actually, we ourselves are just as surprised every time it happens.

- What do you think about the reception of the album versus the one of Volume I?

- Single and radio wise, we broke all Kaizer records with Tusen dråper regn and Drøm videre, Violeta, so in this light, the reception is better than ever, actually. The album as a whole was apparently rated a little lower in the reviews, in general, and that is actually okay. This album isn't as packed with ideas and musical leaps as many other Kaizer albums are, and for reviewers, who listen to the album twice before they give their rating, it's easy to catch us at that, apparently. Apart from them, it's nevertheless too early to say; we must let the music live among the people and from the stage before we give a final answer here.

- And speaking of the stage, you also take the top spot on the DVD charts today with Live i Oslo Spektrum, which also came out 11/11/11?

- Yeah, we thought we could bundle these releases a bit so that people didn't have to take a trip to the record shop several times to fulfill their Kaizer needs. Obviously, many of those who bought Volume II picked up the Spectrum DVD as well. That was an unbelievable night, a wonderful memory for us and certainly for many of those in the audience. Great to have it documented. And to use Kaizernews as platform, we want to give thousand thanks to the fans here too, for pushing us to make a dvd, and also to Monster who did a fantastic job with the production!

- You're welcome. And tonight you'll appear on Senkveld?

- Exactly. Always nice to stop by Thomas and Harald. This time we'll be three men on the sofa, so tonight we'll just chat away, I can promise that.

Check out Senkveld at 22:15 tonight on TV2. Kaizers will appear in the second part, which is how it should be!

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