The Norwegian lyrics and the complete sheet music for the song Hjerteknuser can be downloaded here (backup link). The sheet was released as part of a competition where everyone was asked to record a version of the song (without having heard the original version).

You can watch the video with English subtitles here.

And by the way, you can listen to my entry for the competition here. It was recorded all alone at home, without any equipment (or skills *g*), so there's lots of bad notes and timing problems in there. However, I like it! =;-)

Background information about the song:

Father and daughter live a vagrant life with lots of travels to all continents. They have a good relationship, but the father always tries to impress it on Violeta that she is just like him. That they are like two drops of water, indistinguishable. But Violeta realizes that she is actually more like her mother. Episodes from the childhood begin to dawn on Violeta. She starts to break the codes and understand step by step that her mother has put out tracks and hints in things that lie hidden in dreams that the mother has planted outside of the old house. Violeta tests her talents and tries to make contact with her mother by sending her her thoughts. This is just what Beatrice has been waiting for; an opening from Violeta's side. Now they can finally communicate. She understands that she must run from her father, find back to the old childhood home, and pick her mother's dreams before they can be reunited. She just needs to find the right opportunity to get away. Both are waiting for the day when they are out for a walk, and the mother will lean down and Violeta will get up on tiptoes, so that the can hug again...



Du og meg er like som et par dråpar vannYou and me are the same, like two drops of water
I hvert fall hvis du tør å spør hanAt least if you dare ask him
Eg pleier å setta på ei plataI often put on a record
som du for meg sangthat you sang for me
Heilt til eg sovna i ditt fangUntil I fell asleep in your lap
Før såg eg ingenting og det eg såg forsvantBefore, I saw nothing and what I saw disappeared
Men nå seg eg alt det som du serBut now I see everything that you see
Og på min fing har eg ringen din og på ringen står det blanktAnd I have your ring on my finger, and on the ring it clearly says
At du er min hjerteknuserThat you're my heartbreaker
Lurer på om du fins der ute nåI wonder if you are out there now
Sender eg mine tankarIf I send my thoughts
Kjenner du de då?Do you notice?
Send meg et hint så skal du fåSend me a hint and you will receive
Sjøl om han forteller lite og minnene er fåEven though he doesn't tell much and there are few memories
Fins ting han aldri kan ta meg ifråThere are things he can never take from me
Som då me sprang øve plantasjenLike when we ran across the plantation
Eg gjemte meg i stråI hid in the straw
Du telte til hundre og eg vett at du sågYou counted to a hundred, and I know that you peeked
Lurer på om du fins der ute nåI wonder if you are out there now
Sender eg mine tankarIf I send my thoughts
Kjenner du de då?Do you notice?
Send meg et hint så skal du fåSend me a hint and you will receive
Eg vanner mine plantar og pleier det eg sårI water my plants and tend to what I sow
Sekundene tikker, minuttene gårThe seconds are ticking, minutes pass
Og det går dagar og det går årAnd days go by and years go by
Og den som lever får sjåAnd those who live will see
Kanskje du ikkje fins lengerMaybe you aren't there anymore
Kanskje det er håpMaybe there is hope
Kanskje du ikkje tenker på meg hellerMaybe you don't think about me at all
Men eg venter på den dagen at me er ute og gårBut I await the day that we're out for a walk
Og du bøyer deg ner og eg står på tåAnd you lean down and I get up on tiptoes

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