More new music from Geir! You can find the lyrics and translations of his new EP "Luft" (Air) here. On October 30, these songs and those from the other two EPs will be released on the album "Ny start", together with another new song.

After the album release, Geir will go on a small tour - up to now, there are concerts announced for Trondheim, Kristiansand, and Oslo. You can find all dates here and in the events of the Konzertjunkie facebook page. And of course, you can also find Janove's dates there, since he is on tour as well at the moment, to present his EP "Barrikadeballader" that was released in early September.

Konzertjunkie on Facebook:
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Check out the lyrics and translations of Geir's new "Vann EP" - and also the ones for Janove's "Barrikadeballader",? https://t.co/cb5t1InZz2
May 22
RT @brunnercaffi: #SetlistToday Kaizers Orchestra Rote Fabrik Zürich 8. April 2008 Die Band kopierte für das Zürcher Konzert das Set? https://t.co/x5MhDYIJtF
Apr 8
@archduketyler No, there's no recording of Sonny. And Violeta is currently on hold afaik - they couldn't get good d? https://t.co/xJufLr6uLf
Mar 28
@archduketyler Only the German translations: https://t.co/H6dBUUZqaj If I remember correctly, the original version? https://t.co/PEmFrMBbp6
Mar 28
@archduketyler Og så var det jo Sonny-musikalen (se her: https://t.co/0qrW4Zp4GJ ), men den ble jo laget i etterkan? https://t.co/1BOtNrgOAo
Mar 27
@archduketyler Tror ikke at det finnes noe som det - det eneste vi virkelig VET om historien er jo tekstene og de s? https://t.co/ZazbCPDXnp
Mar 27
RT @WobTikal: Oh, der komplette Backkatalog von Kaizers Orchestra ist jetzt auf Spotify ? #ompatildudør
Mar 19
RT @ThijsvdHulst: Ik mis Kaizers Orchestra.
Feb 21
RT @anderstotland: Om dette skjer, skal eg dansa ompa til eg dør, og vel så det. Eller i alle fall bestilla billettar. https://t.co/1gwgEsM3K8
Feb 15
RT @archduketyler: I det siste har jeg lært at det finnes mange sanger av Kaizers Orchestra som jeg ikke har hørt før. Så jeg prøvde å? https://t.co/a12SAQ0VUj
Feb 4
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