Well, this was supposed to be a very general, boring news update. And whatever, I'll just keep it like that. =;-)

Last weekend, Geir released his new single Pusten. You can find the lyrics and translation here: Pusten.

Skambankt are getting closer and closer to their very last concert - you can find more detailed information about them on skambankt.konzertjunkie.com, of course. I just want to point out that the last Skambankt concert in Stavanger will be streamed live (and you can watch it back later as well). Get your tickets for the stream at vier.live.

Janove just concluded his tour for the "Fullmånehymner" album. But he's thinking ahead already and just released a Christmas single: Carnaby Jul.

Well, and then there's this weird QR code that suddenly appeared out of nowhere and that points to dinegamledagererna.no ("Dine gamle dager er nå" - "Your old days are now"). What does it mean? Does it mean anything at all? No idea. (I just know that if it does, someone lied right to my face, which tells a bit about the trust to and collaboration with fansites ... but oh well, nothing new there. =;-))

I guess we'll see what happens! =:-)

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News and updates: 2022/10/28