Lots of concerts next year, and for sure also new music! Check kaizers.no for all official news, dive into Facebook for all the rumors and speculations, or read the interviews in Norwegian media, for example:YIPPIEH!

So ... that surely means that this fansite will come out of its slumbering state now, right?

Well, unfortunately: no. =:-(
I love the idea of Kaizers finally being back, but I simply can't imagine picking up where I left off and putting in all the work again that made this fansite what it was. Because believe me - it is a huge workload, even if it might not seem like it from the outside. And I know that I have the capacity to EITHER enjoy the campaigns, the music, the concerts, and overall the fact that Kaizers are back OR start collecting, researching, and writing up all the news again, update the tour list, translate the kaizers.no news bits, dread the album release (soooo many lyrics to translate!) and write down the setlist during a concert. I know I have to choose, and it'll be option 1.

So, since I don't like to let things die and wither away, I'll be honest: This will be the last news bit on this site.

The site will remain online and working though, so existing content will still be available. I also have an idea of setting up a small crowd-sourced successor of the page, where everyone can contribute news, translations and reports. This can only work though if there are enough fans that are interested in such a project, and committed to keeping that page alive. So if that is something you'd like to be involved in (and you've been reading all the way to here! *lol*), drop me a mail to nyeklaer@konzertjunkie.com and we'll see what happens. (Don't expect an answer now though; if there is enough interest, it'll take some time to set something up.)

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