If you first go to Norway to see Kaizers Orchestra, you have to catch more than only one concert – so after Odderøya Live, I went to see them again at Stavernfestivalen! Actually, I had planned to attend that festival a couple of years ago already when Kaizers last played there, but in the end, that didn’t work out. This time, it did!

I was at the festival pretty early already, around 2 p.m. – much too early, as it turned out. Especially compared to Odderøya Live, the festival wasn’t as well organized; you can read more about the whole festival in my festival report. But in the end, after a lot of ups and downs and maybes and frustration and you name it, there was actually time for a small, very exclusive special little thing… check back soon for more about this! =:-)

Just after 11 p.m., Kaizers Orchestra came on stage. This time, I skipped taking pictures in front of the stage – the stage was so incredibly high up that it was almost impossible to see anything from the aisle anyway (just like from the front row), let alone take pictures. And in addition, the photographers had to leave the aisle after two (again *g*) songs on the side where it was obvious that it would be terribly crowded and pushy throughout the concert. So I chose the other side, which was less crowded and more relaxed, and decided to take my pictures from the front row instead. =;-) So if the pictures turned out any good, you’ll get some different, rather unusual pictures in the next couple of days. *g*

The concert itself was a typical festival show – there’s not that much more to say about it. Personally, I liked the show in Kristiansand a bit better, but that might have been up to my general attitude that day. Objectively, there was hardly a difference between the two concerts. There were a few small changes in the setlist: They played Knekker deg til sist this time, but no Tokyo Ice (well… okay, fine with me), and Apokalyps meg was replaced by Evig pint (yayayay!! *gg*).

The talking inbetween the songs was almost identical to what they were saying at Odderøya Live – this time, they had asked Bjørn Eidvsåg to sing along with the Jackal in Din kjole lukter bensin mor, but he had said no, so Hellraizer had to take over again. As always, the Russian opening for Hjerteknuser won the vote – so it seems there’s not that much difference between Eastern Norway and Western Norway (where Kaizers had played the night before) after all. We also got the introduction at the end again, where everyone was dragged to the front separately (and the Jackal took care that Helge looked good before he dragged him to the front). And the Jackal still doesn’t know the lyrics of Prosessen – while in Kristiansand, the “andre applauderer” part was much too late in the song somehow, we actually got it twice this time.

What was very funny was when during Bøn fra helvete, Hellraizer accidentally dropped his oil barrel stick down in the aisle in front of the stage – which they tried to cover up first, with an oscar-worthy performance by Hellraizer and the Jackal. Where’s the stick?! Usually it falls down after you throw it up in the air, must have been really high this time?! After the crew remained unsuccessful trying to convince the securities in the aisle to give the stick back, the Jackal started fishing for it with his microphone… took a bit as well, but in the end they managed to get their stick back just in time for the next barrel part. *g*

During Svarte katter, Omen started polishing his megaphone this time, while the whole band was screaming at him to SIT DOWN NOW. And, as tradition has it, the one in the band with the longest beard is allowed to choose the last song of the encores. For a long time, this used to be Hellraizer, but now he was passed by… uh… what was the name of the guy on the organ again? =;-)

The guy on the organ started playing Maestro, and as final conclusion, we got Die Polizei. Again with impressive singing by the audience, even long after the band had gone off.

A great conclusion to the festival, no doubt about it! And now it’ll take WAY too long until my next Kaizers concert… =:-/

The setlist:

I ett med verden
Tusen dråper regn
Støv og sand
Knekker deg til sist
Din kjole lukter bensin, mor
En for orgelet, en for meg
Diamant til kull
Ompa til du dør
Bøn fra helvete
Evig pint
Philemon Arthur & The Dung
Svarte katter & flosshatter

Drøm videre, Violeta

Die Polizei


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2012/7/14: Stavernfestivalen, Stavern