Next stop: Munich! Just like Vienna, Munich has a reputation as a “legendary” place for Kaizers concerts. And also just like Vienna, Kaizers played in a smaller venue this time than the last few times – which fit perfectly well and was exactly the right size. Perfect! And while the Vienna concert didn’t really catch on for me, this concert was a hard-fought victory for Kaizers: They had to work really hard to convince the audience, but in the end it worked like a charm!

I must admit: I really don’t know if the two concerts differed as much as it seemed to me or if that was just due to my personal perspective … it might be just my perception. The setlists didn’t really differ that much: There were only a few changes, but those were decisive in my opinion. In Munich, they played Ompa til du dør as fourth song, as usual – and this was the first song that most people in the audience knew, so it was received very well. Right after it, Kaizers played KGB. That one doesn’t really fit in the middle of the set, but it is one of the best-known Kaizers songs in Germany (thanks to free demo CDs!). So by that time, Kaizers held the audience in their hands – people really enjoyed En for orgelet, Sigøynerblod, and Kontroll på kontinentet. And also the following Kvite russer fit in much better than yesterday. They did not have Forloveren on the setlist at all – and sure, that song is great, but noone here knows it and so there’s really no reaction to it. So all in all, there were just a few small changes in the setlist, but still a big improvement compared to the concert in Vienna!

The full setlist:

There wasn’t really that much talking in between the songs, but I did take quite a few notes nevertheless. En for orgelet – “a song with a beat” – was announced in German as “Hier ist ein Song mit das Beat!”. After that song, the Jackal noted that the audience in Munich loves to dance, and so they would have to change the setlist and include some danceable songs. For example Støv og sand (which accidentally happened to be the next song on the setlist *g*). And next, they wanted to combine the four most sexy things in music: beat, blues, cigarettes, and dancing! Killmaster had to wait for the White Russian to bring him his cigarette, though.

After that, they played Dr. Mowinckel, where Hellraizer (at least according to the Jackal) did the lead-singing for the first time in his life. During the intro of I ett med verden, the Jackal started tinkling around on the keyboard. And then they started wondering if we would like to hear some gypsy music? No problem for them, they know hundreds of Gypsy songs! Because of the Jackal’s grandmother, who loves especially Sigøynerblod. Actually, she loved it. She’s still alive, she just doesn’t love it anymore. Because she was drunk.

The Jackal was faszinated by the soap bubbles that someone in the audience was blowing up on stage. “We should have that more often!!” (Be careful what you wish for, har har har … *g*) Later, he wondered what day it was. Monday? No, Tuesday? But how should he know … “I’ve been on tour for 3 years now – for me, every day is a Saturday! And yes, I have the nicest job.”

They played Kvite russer because so many men in Munich had asked for it. And they made quite a show out of it! In the middle, the Jackal let out his inner diva – his idol is Marlene Dietrich. “She’s the best!”

During Svarte katter, Omen put the megaphone up to his ear this time to better hear the audience and played around with his moustache, until the Jackal asked him to sit down – “Setzen Sie bitte!” And after that, the Jackal wondered if Omen can maybe play more instruments than the piano and the organ, like for example the accordion? He went on to explain how Omen learned to play the accordion. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand anything because the very drunk people behind me decided that their discussion was much more interesting than whatever happened on stage. *grr* But that’s about the only negative thing I could say about the concert, and the only ones to blame for that are those idiots.

The Begravelsespolka was the final hightlight again – and this time it was also the best song that Kaizers ever wrote (because they didn’t play neither Forloveren nor Dieter Meyers *g*).

So all in all, it was a very entertaining and amusing concert – and even though the audience was sometimes a little lazy and quiet, they all got involved when Kaizers motivated them from stage. Thus it was just what I wrote in the beginning: a hard-fought victory!


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Genau, war ein schönes Konzert. Gut, das ich dieses ausgewählt habe.Hinterher kam Geir raus in die Halle, offenbar zu Bekannten von ihm und ich fragte wo denn Hjerteknuser geblieben ist. Seine Antwort war: vi spiller ikke pop i utlandet-im Ausland spielen wir keinen Pop. Naja, war wohl ne blöde Frage von mir :)
Vinni van Koch (13/03/06)

Wirklich ein tolles Konzert :). Also das mit Omen und dem Akkordeon war in etwa so: Das Akkordeon ist eines der schwersten Instrumente überhaupt, weil es so viele schwarze Knöpfe und Tasten hat, und es hat ewig gedauert bis er herausgefunden hat, welche er drücken muss (Omen drückt dazu die ersten Tasten von Maestro). Dann hat er es geschafft, aber das ist das einzige Lied, dass er auf dem Akkordeon kann.^^ In Sigøynerblod kam dann noch gegen Ende: Meine Oma wollte immer, dass wir es ganz schnell spielen.
Anne (13/03/07)

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