So far, according to what we ..."> So far, according to what we ...">

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There are praising words wherever you look when the fans and newspaper critics give their preliminary judgment on the first part of the "Violeta, Violeta" trilogy!

So far, according to what we in Kaizernews have heard, there have been three six star ratings from the reviewers so far. One of them appeared in Trønder-Avis, where Gaute Ulvik Haugan, among other things, writes "It is so varied, so recognizable, and so deliciously original!" also gives the coveted rating: "Credits to Kaizers for having created a series of terrific and varied songs", critic Lars Wæstad writes there, before he sums up with a good old "run and buy."
Bergen's student newspaper Studvest is also excited, and they give their scholarly version of the top grade, an A: "VVVI stands out as an integral step towards a potentially legendary trilogy", reviewer Kristoffer Antonio Skinlo writes.

In VG, Stein Østbø writes that with Volume I, Kaizers go "To the top of the Norwegian rock premier league again", before he rates the record with five stars. The same five stars judgment comes from Stavanger Aftenblad, Dagsavisen, BA, Bergens Tidende, Addressa, Fædrelandsvennen, Altaposten, and Østlendingen, to name a few.

- We are very happy with the reception! says Janove Kaizer, currently on pre prod in Stavanger with the rest of the band.

- But we knew that this is a good record, maybe even our best record. We notice that some out there think that, and I'm not disagreeing.

- Do you care about these reviews?

- Well, we understand that not everybody can like Kaizers Orchestra, so you can say that we use the good ones and don't care for the bad ones. As we see it, there has been a clear majority of good reviews so far, but the most important thing is that the fans still think that we have something to deliver, and based on comments from for example Facebook, it seems that there is a great reception among the fans, and we like that. And we won't truly fulfill the presentation of the new songs before this weekend, by playing them live. That's what we are looking forward to now! Because the Kaizer experience is never complete until you have seen us and heard us through a PA!

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