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Kaizers Orchestra's universe of the first three albums is about to come to life at Rogaland Teater!

- We are well underway with recording the music for the theater here in Stavanger! Janove and Geir report from the oil city.
- These are hectic and full days. During the day, we sit in the theater and watch the actors rehearse scenes, and then we are in the studio in the afternoon and evening together with the rest of the Kaizer gang and record the music that is needed for the play and that we have agreed on with director Bjørn Ravn Carlsen.

- How is it to be theater workers now? Is theater far from your world?

- We see ourselves a lot in the trial and error process they are in now, before things settle. Generally speaking, the process is very closely related to the way we work, so this is both interesting and fun. But it's also a bit unusual for us to adapt ourselves to others; usually we just do what we think is right. But it's cool to be part of large ensemble too!

- Is it clear from the script which songs are included in the play?

- Most of the song parts are determined, yes, but the songs get a slightly different arrangement than their original, to adapt them to the play and the characters. Some get completely different musical expressions, others are compressed and shortened, while yet others are extended. In addition, we do some backing music to color the mood here and there.

- So this will be good?

- Of course this will be good! Hehe, we bet on it, of course. We ourselves aren't the most hardcore theater people, so we hope that it'll be twofold, that it will be good theater for those who know the genre and those who usually don't beat a path to the theater.

- All the music you use is from the first three albums?

- Yeah, Ompa, Evig pint, and Maestro are the basis for both the history Tore Renberg has written and the music, but we also use some tracks from the b-sides album Våre demoner, including the title track.

- This sounds exciting! So the premiere is 11/11/11, the same day that Volume II and the Spektrum DVD is released. Quite a day?

- Sure. 11/11/11 will be a first rank Kaizer day! If we become saints some time, 11/11 will probably be St. Kaizers day!

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