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Beatrice is out in the world, hunting. She's trying to find her daughter, and she keeps a breathless speed. She's in contact with both the bad and the good powers inside of herself, because she needs both of them to find her daughter. On the one hand, she's encouraged to revel and stop at nothing on her way, whereas on the other hand she's warned to take care and be considerate. The forces she has set in motion are huge, and it's not always equally easily to control them. Beatrice is a fantastically beautiful and special person, who could easily float away into another dimension, but at the same time she wants to restrain herself and balance the ordinary with the extraordinary. She's a diamond steadily wishing to be coal...

Diamant til kull

Diamond to coal

Du må sjå at det brenner i ovnen før du føler deg tryggYou must make sure that there is fire in the oven before you feel safe
Med engel på skulder og en jævel på ryggWith an angel on your shoulder and a devil on your back
Spring gjennom skogen og en gravlundsportRun through the forest and through a cemetery gate
Du kan rekka et tog, men spring fortYou can catch a train, but you must run fast
Du som kunne skint så blankt som en diamantYou, who could shine as bright as a diamond
Men du ville vær kull som brantBut you wanted to be burnt coal
Sjå på deg nåLook at you now
Med en fot i gravå så forsvinner du, go go goWith one foot in the grave, and then you disappear, go go go
Ah, eg kjenner deg såAh, I know you so well
Du kunne blitt en diamant, men i stedet er du kullYou could have become a diamond, but instead you are coal
Nå gåNow go
Har du latt deg bli fortalt om en neve syndHave you let people tell you about a fistful of sins
Han som kvalte for hånd og hadde ord i sin munnAbout him who strangled by hand and had words in his mouth
Kor enn han stod, stod han på hellig grunnWherever he stood, he stood on holy ground
Ingen kommer seg opp frå hans brønnNobody can escape from his well
Det er for seint når klokkene ringer innIt's too late when the bells start ringing
Hold motoren i gang og forsvinn i en vindKeep the engine running and leave fast
Ikkje stopp å ro, du må ro din båtDon't stop to row, you must row your boat
Til hendene blør og du har puls i sårUntil the hands are bleeding and your wounds are pulsating
Hopp over vinter og gå rett på vårSkip winter and go straight to spring
Og den som ikkje har gjemt seg då, den må ståAnd those who didn't hide must bear it
Det går som det går, det som skjer det skjerIt goes as it goes, what happens, happens
Om du blir utstoppa og stilt ut som et av hans troféIf you are stuffed and exhibited as one of his trophies

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Diamant til kull