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Kenneth had a vision. In the middle of the day, he saw what he surely believes is Violeta's ghost, thus a dead Violeta. A frightening and disturbing vision. He has nothing but contempt and skepticism for any kind of superstition and supernatural phenomena. He does not believe in any of that, but at the same time, he has seen impossible and unexplainable things, both with Beatrice and Violeta. He gets frustrated and stressed, and he wonders if he's about to get crazy, or if it is just Beatrice who is fucking with his head. Therefore, he subjects her to harassment and rude accusations. As he puts it: "I've never seen you shed a tear for me, or for us. What have you done for us?"

Det polaroide liv

The polaroid life

Eg har hørt om sju års ulykkaI've heard about seven years of bad luck
Om knuste speil og utroskapAbout smashed mirrors and adultery
Den tredje etter bryllupsdagThe third after the wedding day
og all slags overtruisk faenskapand all kinds of superstitious work of the devil
Men eg har aldri. Eg har aldriBut I have never. I have never
sett deg felle ei tåre for megseen you shed a tear for me
etter alt eg har gjort for degafter all I've done for you
eller for ossor for us
Kva har du gjort for oss?What have you done for us?
Eg har hørt om ditt støv og sandI've heard about your dust and sand
Eg har hørt om dine tegnI've heard about your signs
Eg skal hilse frå min mann og seiMy man says hello and that
i morgen blir det regnthere will be rain tomorrow
I morgenTomorrow
Har du hørt om min Corvino mannHave you heard of my Corvino man
Har du merka deg hans navnDid you mark his name
Din drøm blir til et mareritt når du har helst på hanYour dream will turn into a nightmare when you have said hello to him
I morgenTomorrow
Du stod rett framfor meg som etYou stood right in front of me like a
halvframkalt polaroidhalf developed polaroid
Eg spaserte rett igjønå degI walked right through you
og ditt polaroide livand your polaroid life
Ikkje fortell at eg ikkje såg det eg vett eg sågDon't tell me that I didn't see what I know I saw
Ikkje fortell meg om ting som ingen andre forstårDon't tell me about things that no one else understands
For det har vært et heilt forferdelig årBecause this has been an absolutely terrible year
Åh Satan så seint tiå av og til gårOh Satan, how slowly the time tends to pass sometimes
Men eg kan sverga. Eg kan svergaBut I can swear. I can swear
at du stod der ithat you stood there in
stod der i foyeen krittkvit som et likstood in the foyer, white as chalk, like a corpse
Nesten som et halvframkalt polaroidAlmost like a half developed polaroid
Er eg paranoid?Am I paranoid?
Eg spaserte rett gjønå deg og ditt liv!I walked right through you and your life!

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Det polaroide liv