Here are some reports on Kaizers concerts I saw. If somebody has other reports to publish here, please send them!

2019/06/08: Skambankt, Stavanger    report    
2019/02/22: Skambankt, Trondheim    report    photos    
2018/11/17: Skambankt, Stavanger    report    photos    
2018/11/16: Skambankt, Stavanger    report    
2018/09/22: Skambankt, Odense    report    
2018/09/21: Skambankt, Aarhus    report    
2018/06/23: Skambankt, Steinkjerfestivalen    report    
2018/06/02: Skambankt, Trondheim Rocks    report    photos    
2018/03/24: Skambankt, Bodø    report    photos    
2018/03/16: Skambankt, Trondheim    report    
2018/03/10: Skambankt, Drammen    report    
2018/03/09: Skambankt, Oslo    report    
2018/03/01: Skambankt, Haugesund    report    
2017/03/25: Janove, Trondheim    report    
2016/12/17: Skambankt, O Jul med din Vrede    report    photos    
2016/07/23: Skambankt, Fjellparkfestivalen    report    
2016/03/19: Skambankt, Oslo    report    
2015/07/17: Skambankt, Rootsfestivalen    report    photos    
2014/10/18: Skambankt, Stavanger    report    
2014/10/17: Skambankt, Stavanger    report    
2014/10/10: Skambankt, Trondheim    report    
2014/08/30: Skambankt, Verket    report    photos    
2014/08/15: Skambankt, Pstereo    report    photos    
2014/7/17: Skambankt, Bukta    report    photos    
2014/4/26: Skambankt, Prague    report    photos    
2014/3/22: Skambankt, Oslo    report    
2014/3/15: Skambankt, Trondheim    report    
2014/3/1: Skambankt, Øystese    report    
2014/2/28: Skambankt, Copenhagen    report    
2013/9/14: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/9/13: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/9/12: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/9/11: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/9/7: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    photos    
2013/9/6: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/9/5: DNB-Arena, Stavanger    report    
2013/8/26: Borggården, Trondheim    report    photos    
2013/7/26: Trollrock, Beitostølen    report    
2013/6/28: Ravnefesten, Kristiansand    report    
2013/6/22: Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad    report    photos    
2013/6/21: OverOslo, Oslo    report    photos    
2013/5/17: Janove Ottesen, New York City    report    photos    
2013/5/16: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City    report    photos    
2013/4/25: KOKO, London    report    photos    
2013/3/15: Samfundet, Trondheim (by Lena V.)    report    
2013/3/10: Vega, Kopenhagen    report    
2013/3/9: Gloria-Theater, Köln    report    
2013/3/8: Roxy, Prag    report    
2013/3/7: Postbahnhof, Berlin    report    
2013/3/6: E-Werk, Erlangen    report    photos    

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RT @IngaLangfeldt: Av og til ser jeg konsertopptak av Kaizers på YouTube og da savner jeg virkelig å kunne gå på Kaizers-konsert.
Sep 20
RT @spiderpeb: 14.09.13 I cried for about half the show, screamed and laughed for the rest of it. I remember a sea of balloons, bu?
Sep 14
Six years since the last dance ... which means we filled up bucket no. 6 with tears by now! So while we switch to a?
Sep 14
RT @sestormoen: Hei, @KaizrsOrchestra Det holder nå. Dere trenger jo ikke lage noe nytt. Bare ta noen runder i landet, ta med noen?
Sep 11
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Sep 8
RT @FilthySwan: i'd like to give a special shoutout to Razika and Kaizers Orchestra for allowing me to learn Norwegian words becaus?
Sep 5
RT @feliciaxnoelle: @GreinerNOR Har møtt flere med tanke på at jeg var musikkjournalist i mitt forrige liv. Det aller fineste møtet var?
Jul 24
RT @Kuuttituutti: "Take my hat, Take my shoes, Take my extravaganza! Take control over the continent " Kaizers Orchresta- Kontroll p?
Jul 17
RT @on_this_loop: After all these years I can surely say @KaizrsOrchestra is the best band on the planet. Jeg savner dere så masse.. ?
Jul 4
RT @MishaNuis: Here's my cover of '170' by Kaizers Orchestra. It's sung in Norwegian dialect and I had some trouble with the high?
Jun 11
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