Kaizers Orchestra sing in Norwegian - that makes it quite hard for the non-Norwegian fans to understand the lyrics. =;-) But it's worth the effort to try to understand the lyrics, because you won't really understand the Kaizers universe without!


Choose a song from the list below to display the lyrics and translation. All available songs are listed - that means that if a song is missing, there is no translation for it (yet).


Here you can find the songs sorted by album, so that you don't have to select all songs separately. =;-) Currently, some of the albums aren't complete yet, and so there are a few gaps - but the missing songs will be added soon.

Other lyrics

Most Norwegian lyrics, also of demo songs and solo projects, can be found on the Norwegian fansite www.drmowinckel.com. Click "Sanger og tekster" on the top and then select the song. If the lyrics aren't included right on top, there might be a suggestion under "Forslag til tekst". This suggestion might not be a hundred percent correct (even the Norwegians often have trouble understanding the Kaizers lyrics!), but it's better than nothing, right? Sometimes there are also translations on drmowinckel.com, mostly for very new songs.

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New music video from @Skambankt! https://t.co/HIbky83iJM
Nov 22
RT @RadioSor: Ny sak på Soundcloud Nytt fra Soundcloud: Janove om å avslutte turne og arbeid med nytt album: I helgen ble en ny?? https://t.co/UYuHHcicwc
Nov 20
New music! "Fremmed i en fremmed verden" and "Balladen om deg" by Skambankt: https://t.co/Wvg3FOC6UT , "Våpen" by J? https://t.co/xOQuOutnX3
Nov 17
Og alt me har er minner ... fra Stereo Spesial med Kaizers Orchestra (litt mer!): https://t.co/cu90w39tJc
Nov 16
RT @gurigurimalla: Folkens få med dere dette konseptet på @kulturhusetoslo Soup&bread, i dag var det Ane Brun,om 14 dager Janove. Beta? https://t.co/CD68cGmJti
Nov 12
Happy St. Kaizers day everyone! ?
Nov 11
Og alt me har er minner ... fra Stereo Spesial med Kaizers Orchestra: https://t.co/ALMvaoyjhO
Nov 9
RT @jhegstad: Bare én ny låt på @nrkp13-spillelistene fra neste uke, den nye singelen til @skambankt , "Fremmed i en Fremmed Verden". På radio fra mandag!
Nov 7
RT @jaerbladet: Skal kora til Kaizers-musikk https://t.co/8A9c1oOzsF https://t.co/jbqvEyNNle
Nov 3
Og alt me har er minner ... om Cloroform: https://t.co/qimRUSlruK (Eller nei, ikke bare minner - de finnes jo fortsatt!)
Nov 2
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