Well, and already it’s all over again… =:-( Two shows of a tour is really way too little – while on the other hand, it is amazing to see how much less stressfull it is, and cheaper as well, of course. And I think I picked the right two concerts! =:-D

Sentrum Scene was completely sold out – okay, I knew that before, but somehow I didn’t remember how big this thing actually is. For Norway, it’s really gigantic! The Jackal talked about 1700 people at some time, and yes, that’s about what I would have guessed. Very impressive! And we got a perfect spot at the side in front, with great view and enough space for dancing. Yeah!

And “yeah” sums up the concert really well, actually. I don’t have a lot to report this time, because the concert was quite similar to the one in Stavanger – I can’t think of any major differences that I could point out now. The setlist was identical, and the talking very similar – but in Oslo, the audience was MUCH louder. But sure, there were much more people there!

Therefore, I’ll mostly mention things that I forgot in yesterday’s report… *g*

Right at the beginning, the Jackal announced that “det blir moro, jævlig moro!” (“This will be great fun!”). In broadest Østfold dialect and in perfect imitation of the Kaizers manager. *g* And yes, it was great fun!

I couldn’t really see Omen at all yesterday – today I could, but unfortunately, I was distracted quite often, as usual. Too bad, because it is always great fun to watch him. For some reason, he was wearing a hat today in addition to the gas mask, and during Delikatessen, he found a new toy: The sticks for the vibraphone can also be used to play on other things, like legs, lamps, or organs!

Resistansen was absolutely impressive, because the audience was singing along incredibly loud. You could see that the Jackal was very impressed and enjoyed it a lot – “You’ve practiced that, right? We wouldn’t be able to do it this good! ” Wonderful – but honestly NOTHING compared to the break before the second encore, where the audience managed to start singing Die Polizei all on their own and kept on going even when Kaizers came back. Kaizers were visibly moved, and it seemed like there was some discussion about which song they should play now. They decided for Sonny, as planned – but only because we had already sung Die Polizei so beautifully!

The reason why Morten Abel appears as special guest on this tour is, by the way, that Kaizers wanted to sing a duet with him ten years ago already, but the demo of Prosessen never got through to him, but got lost at the management level somehow. And he sings along during Rulett because back in 2002, when Kaizers were touring as support act for Morten Abel, he sat in their hotel room one night with an acoustic guitar, singing Rulett.

Then there was some more precise information about the year 2011: In January/February, the first album of the trilogy will be released and after that, Kaizers will set out for a European tour! (Not sure whether European tour was really supposed to mean European tour or if it was just some phrase. Yesterday, the Jackal only talked about a “big tour”. But well, you can always hope, right? *g*) And at the end of the tour, there will be the big conclusion concert at Oslo Spektrum on April 9, as announced yesterday. “9000, that will be quite difficult, you gotta help us!” Will do, don’t worry … Travel agency Susi S. at your service, just let me know. *gg*

And that’s about it already, there isn’t more to report – as I wrote, the concert was very similar to the one in Stavanger. And no, I wouldn’t say that one of the two concerts was better – but the audience in Oslo was definitely very impressive.

And somehow this is the perfect constellation if you are “done” with the tour after only half of the concerts – the concerts seem to be totally consistent this time, and they are great fun (at least while Morten Abel isn’t hanging around on stage). I’m still skeptical when it comes to the new songs and the trilogy – but it’s still quite a while until 2011, and as long as the concerts continue to be as much fun as at the moment, I don’t have any concerns. And I’ll put April 9, 2011, into my concert calender as soon as possible! =:-D


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Ich würde dann schon mal gerne eine Reservierung für den 09.04.11 im Reisebüro Susi S. vornehmen lassen! Welche Kreditkarten akzeptieren Sie? *g*
Danke für den tollen Bericht und das Fürmichmittanzen, auch wenn es bei auffällig vielen Liedern eher schwierig damit aussah...
Bis hoffentlich bald, viele liebe Grüße, Viola
Viola (10/02/12)

:) ja, wirklich ein schönes Konzert und ein schöner Bericht. Und ja, ich fand Morten auch doof ;)
Annika (10/02/16)

Ich habe auch gerade mein bilett geordert.
Ein schwindelerregendes Porto, aber es muß sein ;)
Dann sehn wir uns auch mal wieder, Susi-falls Du Dich noch erinnerst.
Ricarda (10/02/20)

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