A great and sunny day in Stavanger (hey, why that, where was the rain that the weather report had promised? *lol*), a signing session with a terribly long queue (but you HAD to get in line to enter Platekompaniet at all, right? *g*), then Jarle Klepp in the cinema (terrific!); and as a great conclusion to the day the second Kaizers concert at Folken! =:-)

The place was just as crowded as yesterday, and the audience seemed to be even louder this time! Of course, there wasn’t so much of surprise moment and “what will happen next???” today, so I could concentrate on the details a little more. And of course enjoy the new songs!

The setlist was almost identical to yesterday’s list, with two exceptions: KGB wasn’t played in the main set, but instead as first song of the encores (instead of Enden av november, which wasn’t played at all). And as last encore, they played Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice this time, instead of 170! And they announced it as a song they’d never played live before… Well, not on this tour, that’s right. =;-)

I already described the show yesterday, so today I’ll report a bit about the setting (and I’ll try to mention all the talk that I forgot to write about yesterday *g*). And how to start with that? Well, of course: with the Jackal’s hair style! *lol* Not short, not long, gray, in the beginning held up with a lot of hair spray in a terribly looking way. Okay, so then we covered that part now. =;-)

There’s not a lot to report about the first part: One song after the other, not much talk in between, just perfect to get the audience warmed up! Of course there was the typical “You are singing great! But well, it’s a Saturday, so of course you are a great audience!” And yes, as mentioned before, the audience was great and loud, and so we had to sing the whole verse in Resistansen (and lateron in Hjerteknuser as well, and I think also in other songs).

Just like yesterday, Kaizers announced they would hold their concert “nachspiel” at Egersund, which is probably THE new hip location in Stavanger. Even though the audience reaction suggested that it’s probably not that “hip” for everybody… *g*

At the beginning of the second part, during the start of Philemon Arthur, the audience went absolutely crazy again. Pure madness, really! And I _think_ the Jackal wiping his eyes just then wasn’t really a coincidence… which fits nicely in with Hellraizer’s statement yesterday that he had a bit of a lump in his throat at that point of the first concert… More than understandably, this audience reaction MUST be absolutely overwhelming!

By the way, the counting in Din kjole lukter bensin, mor actually isn’t THAT easy as you would imagine. At least if you don’t watch the Jackal closely… if you don’t, you might shout “four” at the totally wrong place. Ooops. =;-) Something I forgot to mention yesterday was how amazing the singing of the audience at the end of the song is! The Jackal didn’t even need to start it, the audience just started singing “Det lukter bensin…” on their own. =:-) And the only way to stop it was by starting the next song, namely En for orgelet. Wow, soooo nice! =:-D

And of course I paid attention to the whistling this time. The solution: Killmaster is standing at a… uh… thing (looks like an old tube radio) and regulates (I assume?) the backing accompaniment, which means the whistling, the beer flutes, and probably some of the rhythm as well. While Hellraizer is rapping and the Jackal is running around with the bass drum. By the way, he advises everyone to get their own bass drum, that’s just a whole lot of fun! *gg*

Before Svarte katter they explained that they had used a lot of time in the studio for this song. Which normally means that the result is either really great or rather mediocre… in their case, it means great, of course!

Kaizers’ first radio hit – which turned them from a no-hit-wonder into a one-hit-wonder! – had to be celebrated of course. So the Jackal decided to “hop in” Hjerteknuser – of course from the barrel!

And then it was already time for the “normal” part of the concert, where they also started talking a bit more. Which was partly due to the fact that the Jackal broke his microphone stand and had to get it repaired a few times. I just love how he looks when things don’t go as planned and for example, he suddenly holds not only his microphone, but also part of the stand… =;-)

Anyway, so we got to know the story about how they found Helge! They were looking for someone who could play the pump organ, and they were told that there is a guy out in Flesland who plays an old pump organ, wearing a suit and a gas mask. So they asked him to join, and he agreed. *lol* The only possible response to that was – of course – some “Helge” shouting, right?

And the Jackal continued to praise the band. During Killmaster’s solo in Kontroll på kontinentet, the Jackal stood behind him and animated the audience to shout and clap even louder and louder. But then, Killmaster was cut off again after his introduction with the advice to “start you own band then”. Well, maybe he’ll think about that! *lol* By the way, they are doing the introduction again because the fans want it: Just like yesterday, the Jackal asked whether he should introduce the band to us; they didn’t do it on the last tour, because the fans didn’t want it, but now? The audience clearly wanted it! So we got it. And afterwards we got to know how important the introduction is. Otherwise the only one who “shines” is the Jackal, and the rest of the band should get a bit of the fun as well, right? They just had a meeting about that a few days ago… *gg*

Just before the end, a round of thanksgiving: Thanks to the orchestra, to the crew, the club, the fans, … “Did we forget anyone? I remember there were ten things we wanted to mention…” But no, they really mean it, that wasn’t irony at all! *g* And Hellraizer made sure we’d all get home safely by mentioning that it might be slippery outside. *g*

Before they played Dieter Meyer, the Jackal explained that they would almost always play this song, because it is so great. Huh? (Ehm, “huh” because of the “always play”, not because of the “great”, of course!) But sometimes they are just sick of it… but of course not on the second day of the tour!

As mentioned before, the last encore was Sju bøtter tårer – a much better conclusion song than 170 in my opinion, because it is both quiet/atmospheric and fast and danceable.

And that was it… Well, so I guess I’ll look forward to five weeks of tour depression now – until the European tour finally starts! And until then, I’ll feed from a wonderful weekend which was pretty much perfect. Kaizers are and will always be the best band of the world… (yes, I’m allowed to write that, pff!)


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I love that you decribe the little things they do & say aswell, sometimes for me that is something that _makes_ the concert, amazing, complete, kaizer-isk, I love reading these, so thank you so much!
Minnie (11/02/13)

Egersund actually is a city about an hours drive from Stavanger. That can explain the reaction from the crowd ;)

It has been two great concerts. I personally prefered 170 as conclusion song rather than Sju bøtter, but it was great anyway!
Siv June (11/02/13)

Good reveiw, but I can’t agree about Sju bøtter tårar, it’s just horrible, especially as a conclusion song...

otherwise, great shows both of them
Josefine (11/02/14)

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