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(Photo: Kent Skibstad. Geir Hellraizer Kaizer. Here from Folken this February.)

After a month on the road with the Volume II tour, Kaizers have been up and down our long country, and they have already reached the goal of playing 60 songs from their extensive catalog!

- Yes, according to our calculations, we reached 60 songs when we played "Domino" in Trondheim recently, Geir Kaizer confirms. It's fun to keep our catalog warm!

- So, how is the tour life?

- This has been a great tour so far! We have received the best reception and had great stays in Stavanger, Sogndal, and Trondheim, where we played several nights in a row, in front of lovely people.

- You play almost every day, so how is the shape one month into the tour?

- Our shape is pretty good. A day on tour is like living a compressed week in 24 hours, you know. You wake up on Monday, groggy and a bit spaced out, then you work your way back to life, eat a little, work a little, maybe train a little, until you eventually end up with a Saturday night atmosphere and full party at the concert. Then there's some Sunday chill out after the concert. It's like living in a bubble, a strange kind of living, but we are quite used to it, and thus we actually enjoy living in tour mode quite a bit.

- And soon you'll head back home to Bergen?

- We will rock out in Levanger first, and then drive from here tonight and arrive in Bergen in the evening tomorrow, ready for four nights at Grieghallen. We are looking forward to that a lot, Bergen's a special city for us. It's where we formed Kaizers, where we recorded most of our records, and that's where people first lit on what we were doing.

- And Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies will warm up for you in Bergen. They are good old acquaintances of you?

- Yeah. We have 15 years of history with them. It was actually their wonderful debut album that made us aware of Jørgen Træen and Duper Studio back then. After hearing that record, we canceled the plans we had and called Jørgen instead to rather record Ompa til du dør with him. And the rest is probably Norwegian rock history. By the way, Emmerhoff have just released their fifth studio album "Where the pale light creeps". A great album, and it's produced by Sir Dupermann as well, so it's a pleasure and joy for us to have them as support band five nights in a row next week, in Bergen and in Florø. We can only recommend people to come early to check them out!

See the video for "Shadowlands" here!

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