These are my first impressions of the Maestro album. First, there's my very first thoughts that went through my head when listening to the 30 second clippings (of course I only wrote about the songs I didn't know yet), then the first impression of the whole album after listening to it once - of course this is not representative. And finally the "real" review after listening to the album pretty often.

The rules are simple - listen to it, write it down, translate it, don't correct anything. Sorry if I should step on somebody's toes, I hope that I can revise everything that is negative until the final review. =;-)

After listening to each 30 second clipping exactly twice

After listening to each song exactly once

I already know this one because it was released on the Visions CD. The beginning sounds extremely like Xutos & Pontapés (a portuguese band, not known outside of Portugal, unfortunately), that is pretty cool. =;-) And it's not stolen, it just sounds similar - maybe I will also find out which song it ressembles. The pop part in the middle is somehow weird (and I also know this from somewhere, and that part IS stolen *g*), but the guitar sounds great. And I like the squeaky "han har arbeid i". Looking forward to hearing that one live!

Ooooooold! =;-)
I already know this one by heart, so there's not much to write about it anymore. I think it's boring on the record, but live it is great. No idea why they chose it to be the first single...

Knekker Deg Til Sist
Uuuh... wow! That's very funky and "pop-y" and rocking and great. *g* Starting with brass polka (aeh, or better Keyboard brass, right? *g*), then the guitar part from an old Italian western movie. When the voice goes up very very high it sounds like a mixture between a children song and Farin Urlaub (a German singer who always writes songs that are too high for him to sing...), don't like that yet, but I'll get used to it. The chorus is very catchy - and in general really neat, also the chimes during the western melody and the piano somewhere in the middle sound really great and fit in perfectly. I'm sure this song will be awesome live.

Señor Flamingos Adieu
And the western continues... Including Yeeha - or what is it he is screaming there? *rofl*
Nice. Too short.

Blitzregn Baby
I already know the live version of the song, the studio version is as great - nice "old" rock'n'roll. Or maybe rock'n'punk? Anyway it sounds very American. At the latest during the chorus you stop to notice it is NOT sung in English. I can easily imagine Boppin'B (a German band that plays songs in Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly/50s style - sorry for bringing in all the German bands... *g*) playing this song. The only thing that is really stupid is that the tune in the middle is stolen exactly from the White Stripes. The song doesn't sound like them at all, but well, the similarity to Seven Nation Army can't be missed...

Dieter Meyers Inst.
Aehem - okay. *lol* I think the composer took over on this one. I think I somehow know the beginning, maybe I'll find out what it reminds me of. After that it's a typical rock-ballad, sounds American again, a little House of the Rising Sun-style (well, not at all like House of the Rising Sun, but like oldies of this kind, I mean). After that the brass comes in and suddenly the song sounds latin-style. And then it becomes totally bombastic and we are either in a musical or in a rock opera, and honestly, I think that's too much for one song. Strings, brass and musical singing is a little too much, especially when the song starts as a ballad and then ends in total chaos. =;-) I really like the part where the guitar plays exactly the melody the voice sings, and the chaos at the end is also great. The singing is a little squeaky and too high, at least partly. And I really can't imagine this song being played live...

Ooooooooh! Nice! The song builds up slowly. It's already great when the guitar joins in, and then something else comes in during each part, wow... in general, it reminds me a little of some other Kaizers/gnom/BS&J-songs, especially during "100 år" - that sounded very familiar. Haven't found out yet what song it is, but I'll have to find out. *g* Janove's voice sounds weird, somehow flat, but it might fit the song (I don't really understand much of the lyrics yet, my vocabulary consists solely of the words appearing in the first two records *g*). The sounds at the end are cool - what IS that?!?

What the hell?!? Where has the "drive" gone? This song ROCKED live, it's much too slow like this, much too calm, much too boring... And the sound is also awefull. Someone practising to play the guitar? I mean, that's what it sounds like if I try to get some melody right. And I can't really play the guitar. I mean, you HEAR the concentration! *shiver* And there shouldn't have been a limiter on the voice. Pfaaah... MUCH better live, here all the energy is missing. But the brass is great. And what is it that bubbling sound at the end? Just before the keyboard choirs start (hey, you have enough people in the band who can sing...)? But I really think it's funny that the lyrics mean the complete opposite to what people understood from the live version. *g*

Jævel Av En Tango
No idea. Can't think of anything to write. It's a tango, sounds boring at first, I already forgot the rest. Two questions arise: who is Martin Holmes? And why doesn't Geir do the backing vocals?!?

Papa Har Lov
Hey, either my speakers are broken, or something went totally wrong during the mastering of the record... why does everything sound like a limiter or compressor or however that thing is called?!? This is stupid. First impression: danceable. Second impression: Nothing happens throughout the whole song. The double bass is extremely cool. When the guitar comes in, it sounds terribly chaotic at first, three different melodies that don't fit together. At some point in time they come together and then it "grooves" pretty neat. But nothing happens... well, except that I had to think of "Hurz!" when Janove sings "falskt", but I'm not sure if that is positive... *lol* (sorry, again a German reference, but I'm unable to explain that... *g*)

Auksjon (i Dieter Meyers Hall)
The beginning is awesome, or well, actually the whole string part is. The chorus, or better the "Auksjon i Dieter Meyers Hall i kveld"-part, still sounds like The Who's Tommy - or maybe the Quietschboys from Hallo Spencer (and again, this time a German kids TV show... sorry. *g*). I don't know. Then it's oriental for a second, sounds nice, and then there's the "Who's your daddy"-part, and I don't like that one at all. Too high, too weird, what the fuck?!? And then in the end there's finally the sound from Hellraizer's humming guitar from Heidelberg, he said he wanted to put it on a record, and he did. *lol*

På Ditt Skift
Ha, they didn't manage to kill that song by putting it on a record! It's still better live than it is on the record, but it's terrific on the record as well, I just LOVE this song. I can almost see Minken standing in the front of the galley, hitting the drums while the rest of the band is rowing... =;-)
A fantastic song. And the best song on the record, at least during the first round.

After one and a half weeks

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