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At a glance: What is going on in the Kaizers universe right now?

Kaizers Orchestra are history. On September 14, 2013, they played their last concert. Currently there are no plans about if and when they will be back. The band members expect a break for "many years", and they don't know if and - if yes - how they will continue after that break.

Violeta trilogy: The trilogy "Violeta Violeta - a romantic tragedy by Kaizers Orchestra" was completed with the release of Vol. III. In December 2013, a vinyl box containing all three LPs, a single with two additional songs, and a photo book was released. Story and lyrics ...

DVD "En aften i operaen": One of the concerts of the live premiere of Volume III - with a symphonic orchestra and choir at the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo! - was filmed for a DVD/Blu-Ray release. The DVD/BluRay hit the stores December 9.

Accidental Rock Star: The documentary "Den tilfeldige rockestjerne" (The accidental rock star) is currently in the making. The film focusses on Helge "Omen" Kaizer - the rock star who never really wanted to become a rock star but ended up in the band by accident. Information | Trailer
Happy Easter! It's been pretty quiet here for quite a while again - but that doesn't mean there's nothing going on. Just in time for Easter, there's a new search function for the site - the site has just grown too big by now to do without. Even though I doubt it'll help you find your Easter eggs ... =;-)

Also, I finally managed to finish the translation of my Aftenbladet article and put it online. Enjoy!

Next up on my to do list are the lyrics for Stjerner i posisjon and Cecilia I. Velur - however, I still don't have any reliable Norwegian lyrics for those songs. So if you wrote down the lyrics and are pretty sure they are accurate, please send them over!

And finally, I've got a tiny Easter present for you. Check out the Facebook site for a little give-away! Good luck! And while you're there, click on "Like" as well - it's about time we get to 1000 followers there. =:-)
The big day (at least for us Non-Norwegian fans) has finally come - and we all missed it ... =;-) A few days ago, the single "Stjerner i posisjon" has finally been made available for download outside of Norway! It took two months because Kaizers Orchestra had to change to a different distributor first. But now the two new songs "Stjerner i posisjon" and "Cecilia I. Velur" are available for purchase and streaming world-wide; for example at Amazon and Spotify, and probably also at iTunes and Wimp. Happy downloading, everyone!

Of course I will post translations of the lyrics soon. However, currently I'm trying to get the "official" version of the Norwegian lyrics - that might be more reliable than writing them down. =;-) So stay tuned!

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Janove as producer: http://t.co/W5nTtvJbfc "Ka-disj, ka-disj, domp, domp? Bare klunking, liksom. Dumpe lyder."
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