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At a glance: What is going on in the Kaizers universe right now?

Kaizers Orchestra are history. On September 14, 2013, they played their last concert. Currently there are no plans about if and when they will be back. The band members expect a break for "many years", and they don't know if and - if yes - how they will continue after that break.

Violeta trilogy: The trilogy "Violeta Violeta - a romantic tragedy by Kaizers Orchestra" was completed with the release of Vol. III. In December 2013, a vinyl box containing all three LPs, a single with two additional songs, and a photo book was released. Story and lyrics ...

"Siste Dans" DVD: On September 14, 2014, Kaizers Orchestra will release a DVD and BluRay of the last Kaizers concert, which took place on September 14, 2013, in Stavanger. As a bonus, the DVD will contain the TV Vest documentary series "Siste Dans". The DVD/BluRay will be available exclusively through kaizers.no.

Accidental Rock Star: The documentary "Den tilfeldige rockestjerne" (The accidental rock star) is currently in the making. The film focusses on Helge "Omen" Kaizer - the rock star who never really wanted to become a rock star but ended up in the band by accident. Information | Trailer
The first anniversary of the "Siste Dans" concert has come and gone, the DVD/BluRay is available for purchase in the shop on kaizers.no now, and if you want to relive the memories, you can of course still visit kaizersminner.konzertjunkie.com and share your Kaizers memories with hashtag #KaizersMinne!
We're approaching the one year anniversary of the last "Siste Dans" concert! As mentioned in the last news entry, we'll get to order a DVD and BluRay of this concert on kaizers.no from that day. And throughout September, the postage will be cheaper than usual - but that might be for Norway only, we'll have to wait and see.

The Norwegian fans will even get some more goodies: The last three concerts that were recorded, namely the Spektrum concert, Live i Operaen, and of course the Siste Dans concert, will be on Norwegian TV (TV2 Zebra) this weekend. Check the TV guide for the exact times. And the fans that live in Oslo and happened to be online at just the right time this afternoon could secure their tickets for a special "Kaizer party" that will take place on Sunday, September 14. During this party, the three mentioned concerts will be shown on big screens, and as a bonus, there will be a little presentation of the Accidental Rockstar movie and a short interview with Geir, Rune, and Helge. Surely a great way to commemorate the anniversary, but not the end of the world for those who cannot make it. We'll just spend the day on the sofa, in the company of our DVDs, instead ... =;-)
Exactly one month from now we'll celebrate or rather mourn the first anniversary of the last of the "Siste Dans" concerts in Stavanger - and thus the current end of Kaizers Orchestra. But today, Kaizers broke their recent silence and had a great announcement for us:

On September 14, 2014, thus exactly one year after the last concert, this concert will be released on DVD and BluRay! Exactly how it took place, thus uncut and unaltered (except for the Tom Waits intro that must be removed because of legal reasons). As a bonus, we'll get the "Siste Dans" documentary from TV Vest and a songwriter workshop where Janove explains how Kaizer songs come about.

For now, it will be possible to order the DVD and BluRay only through kaizers.no. There will be more information about the price and how to preorder soon. Yay! =:-D


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