A complete discography with information on all different releases of CDs can be found on www.drmowinckel.com. For that reason, here is just a rough overview of the CDs released so far (all pictures have been stolen from www.kaizers.no):

Siste Dans

All lyrics
  1. "Siste Dans" concert
  2. TV Vest documentary

09/2014 Norway
The DVD/BluRay of the last Kaizers concert on September 14, 2013, in Stavanger - uncut and unaltered, thus exactly how the concert took place. As a bonus, the DVD/BluRay will contain the TV Vest documentary "Siste Dans". It can be ordered via kaizers.no.

Violeta Violeta

All lyrics
  1. Vol. I
  2. Vol. II
  3. Vol. III
  4. Stjerner i posisjon
  5. Cecilia I. Velur
  6. Photo book

12/2013 Norway
The box contains the LPs of the three Violeta albums, plus a 7'' single with the songs "Stjerner i posisjon" and "Cecilia I. Velur", which didn't make the Vol. III album. Finally, the box contains a 152-page photo book with pictures and text by Arne Bru Haug and Geir Zahl.

En aften i operaen

All lyrics
  1. Aldri vodka, Violeta
  2. Svarte katter & flosshatter
  3. Drøm videre, Violeta
  4. Det polaroide liv
  5. Siste dans
  6. Tvilling
  7. Tusen dråper regn
  8. Markedet bestemmer
  9. Hjerteknuser
  10. I ett med verden
  11. Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice
  12. Satan i halsen
  13. Perfekt i en drøm
  14. Forloveren
  15. Begravelsespolka
  16. Sekskløver

10/2013 special edition
12/2013 in the stores
This DVD/Blu-Ray was recorded live at one of the concerts in the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo, on January 26, 2013. Kaizers play together with a symphonic orchestra and a choir! The project was financed by crowd funding, which means that there are different versions of the DVD/Blu-Ray: a special edition for those who preordered it, including a special cover and signatures of the band (released in October 2013), and a "normal" version that will hit the stores on December 9.

Violeta, Violeta Vol. III

All lyrics
  1. Begravelsespolka
  2. Forloveren
  3. Aldri vodka, Violeta
  4. Tvilling
  5. Det polaroide liv
  6. Siste dans
  7. Markedet bestemmer
  8. Satan i halsen
  9. Perfekt i en drøm
  10. Sekskløver

11/2012 Norway
02/2013 Germany
The third and last part of the Violeta trilogy is released in Norway on November 2, 2012 and in other countries on February 15, 2013. Vol. III, a "Gypsy musical in the rock genre", was composed for symphonic orchestra. It celebrates its live premiere with a week of concerts at Oslo Opera in January 2013. The first single Aldri vodka, Violeta was released on September 19 as part of the mobile app "The Kaizervirus". As usual, there is a limited Digipak edition of the CD.

Live i Oslo Spektrum

All lyrics
  1. Begravelsespolka
  2. Delikatessen
  3. Djevelens orkester
  4. Señor Torpedo
  5. Veterans klage
  6. Sigøynerblod
  7. Resistansen
  8. Philemon Arthur & The Dung
  9. Femtakt filosofi
  10. Din kjole lukter bensin, mor
  11. En for orgelet, en for meg
  12. Diamant til kull
  13. Psycho under min hatt
  14. Svarte katter & flosshatter
  15. Hjerteknuser
  16. Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice
  17. Ompa til du dør
  18. Bøn fra helvete
  19. Kontroll på kontinentet
  20. Maestro
  21. KGB
  22. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  23. Die Polizei

11/2011 Norway
The second official Kaizers Orchestra live DVD (the titel is not known yet) was recorded at the concert at Oslo Spektrum on April 9, 2011. The DVD was released in Norway on November 11, 2011. Currently, a release in other countries is not planned. There are some bonus features; namely a tour documentary and a slide show with pictures from the concert.

Violeta, Violeta Vol. II

All lyrics
  1. I ett med verden
  2. Støv og sand
  3. Tusen dråper regn
  4. Drøm videre, Violeta
  5. Far til datter
  6. Faen i båten
  7. Gresk komedie
  8. Silver
  9. Domino
  10. Den romantiske tragedien

11/2011 Norway
01/2012 Germany
The second record of the Violeta Violeta trilogy was be released in Norway November 11, 2011, and on January 20, 2012 abroad. Just like for Vol. I, there was a limited digipack edition of the album.
In contrast to Vol. I, the third part of the Violeta trilogy is based more on rock music and guitars. The first single, Tusen dråper regn, was released on May 31, 2011; the second single, Drøm videre Violeta, followed on September 23. Kaizers Orchestra played the whole album live for the first time at Øya festival in Oslo on August 11, 2011 (stream of the concert).

Violeta, Violeta Vol. I

All lyrics
  1. Philemon Arthur & The Dung
  2. Diamant til kull
  3. Femtakt filosofi
  4. Din kjole lukter bensin, mor
  5. En for orgelet, en for meg
  6. Tumor i ditt hjerte
  7. Hjerteknuser
  8. Psycho under min hatt
  9. Svarte katter & flosshatter
  10. Sju bøtter tårer er nok, Beatrice

01/2011 all countries
This album is the first part of Kaizers Orchestra's trilogy "Violeta, Violeta". It was recorded and mixed in the spring of 2010 at Duper Studio in Bergen, together with Jørgen Træen and Yngve Sætre. The first single "Philemon Arthur & The Dung" was released in August 2010. The second single "Hjerteknuser" followed in late October, after a huge cover competition. The album was released in ten countries on January 28th or 31st (depending on the country).
You can find an explanation about the story of the trilogy here.

Våre demoner

All lyrics
  1. Medisin & psykiatri
  2. Våre demoner
  3. Die Polizei
  4. Fanden hakk i hel
  5. Kavalér
  6. Gruvene på 16
  7. Señor Torpedo
  8. Den sjette sansen
  9. Sonny
  10. Prosessen
  11. Stormfull vals
  12. Bonus track: Under månen

04/2009 Norway
From the album booklet: "These are new recordings of old Kaizer songs. These songs didn't make it on our albums because we thought that they 1. didn't fit in 2. weren't really finished 3. didn't represent what we from a musical point of view wanted to stand for when they were made."
The album was sold for one week only, namely between April 27 and May 2, 2009.
The digital version contained a bonus track, namely a demo version of "Under månen".
The booklet contains more information about the songs. Since the album is hard to get nowadays, here's the PDF version for download: Våre Demoner (Booklet)

250 prosent

All lyrics
  1. KGB
  2. Apokalyps meg
  3. Container
  4. Maestro
  5. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  6. Maskineri
  7. Volvo i Mexico
  8. Enden av november
  9. Sigøynerblod
  10. 170

10/2008 Norway
Just before Kaizers went on tour again in the fall, they released the live album "250 prosent". It contains live recordings from the Maskineri tour, recorded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Ten songs are included, recorded at five different concerts. The album is available as vinyl and download only.


All lyrics
  1. Moment
  2. Apokalyps meg
  3. Den andre er meg
  4. Bastard sønn
  5. Maskineri
  6. Toxic blod
  7. 9 mm
  8. Volvo i Mexico
  9. Enden av november
  10. Med en gong eg når bånn
  11. Kaizers 115. drøm
  12. Ond sirkel
  13. Bonus track: Romantisk salme i F-dur
  14. Bonus track: Du og meg Lou

02/2008 Norway
04/2008 Germany
Kaizers Orchestra's fourth album was released in Norway on February 18, 2008. Germany had to wait until April 4. Maskineri was recorded at Planet Roc Studios in Berlin, with producer Mark Howard. The Canadian had heard about Kaizers via Tom Waits' Amazon-recommendation list and then MySpace, and so he ended up producing their next album.
The first single from Maskineri was "Enden av November".
In addition to the songs on the CD, the vinyl version contained the song "Romantisk salme i F-dur". The iTunes version contained the bonus track "Du og meg Lou".

Viva La Vega

All lyrics
  1. KGB
  2. Delikatessen
  3. Knekker deg til sist
  4. Hevnervals
  5. Container
  6. Señor Flamingos adieu
  7. Blitzregn Baby
  8. Bøn fra helvete
  9. Mann mot mann
  10. Kontroll på kontinentet
  11. Christiania
  12. På ditt skift
  13. Dr. Mowinckel
  14. Di grind
  15. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  16. Evig pint
  17. Ompa til du dør
  18. Maestro
  19. Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg
  20. Sigøynerblod
  21. Bak et halleluja
  22. Resistansen
  23. 170
  24. Die Polizei

05/2006 Norway
04/2006 Germany
The first Kaizers-DVD contains the video of the concert at Vega in Kopenhagen (Oct. 6, 2005), documentaries about the European tour, the Prekestol-concert and the recordings of the album, plus music videos and picture galleries. The DVD was released in Europe in the middle of April, but in Norway the release was delayed because of technical problems until the end of May.

Live at Vega

All lyrics
  1. KGB
  2. Delikatessen
  3. Knekker deg til sist
  4. Hevnervals
  5. Container
  6. Señor Flamingos adieu
  7. Blitzregn Baby
  8. Bøn fra helvete
  9. Mann mot mann
  10. Kontroll på kontinentet
  11. Christiania
  12. På ditt skift
  13. Dr. Mowinckel
  14. Di grind
  15. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  16. Evig pint
  17. Ompa til du dør
  18. Maestro
  19. Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg
  20. Sigøynerblod
  21. Bak et halleluja
  22. Resistansen
  23. 170
  24. Die Polizei

03/2006 Norway
04/2006 Germany
A double album, recorded during the concert at Vega in Copenhagen on Oct. 6, 2005. The album contains the same songs as the DVD, but without the talk inbetween.

Maestro (Single)

All lyrics
  1. Maestro
  2. På ditt skift
  3. D-dagen
  4. Sorti
  5. Maestro (Video)

7/2005 Norway
8/2005 Germany
The first single from "Maestro", which is the title song "Maestro", is coming out in Norway July 4 and in Germany July 25 August 1.


All lyrics
  1. KGB
  2. Maestro
  3. Knekker deg til sist
  4. Señor Flamingos adieu
  5. Blitzregn Baby
  6. Dieter Meyers Inst.
  7. Christiania
  8. Delikatessen
  9. Jævel av en tango
  10. Papa har lov
  11. Auksjon (i Dieter Meyers hall)
  12. På ditt skift
  13. Bonus track: Action
  14. Bonus track: Tokyo Ice til Clementine
  15. Bonus track: Kalifornia

8/2005 Norway
8/2005 Germany
The new album was recorded in February/March of 2005, and is scheduled to be released on August 15 both in Norway and Europe. According to some statements, the record will be happier and more up-tempo than the much "darker" Evig Pint.
The Special Edition of the Maestro album contains, additionally to the "ordinary" Maestro CD, a second CD with three previously unreleased songs and the videos of Maestro and Knekker deg tils sist. The special edition has only been released in Norway.

The Gypsy Finale

All lyrics
  1. Sigøynerblod
  2. Bak et halleluja
  3. Resistansen

2004 Norway
This live CD that was sold exclusively at concert was recorded at Rockefeller in Oslo on February 27, 2004.

Evig pint

All lyrics
  1. Di grind
  2. Hevnervals
  3. Evig pint
  4. De involverte
  5. Djevelens orkester
  6. Container
  7. Naade
  8. Min kvite russer
  9. Veterans klage
  10. Til depotet
  11. Salt & pepper
  12. Drøm hardt (Requiem Part I)

2/2003 Norway
4/2004 Germany

Mann mot mann

All lyrics
  1. Mann mot mann
  2. Bøn fra helvete
  3. Død manns tango
  4. Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg

6/2002 Norway
This maxi-CD has not been released in Germany. Bøn fra helvete, Død manns tango, and Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg are live versions.

Død manns tango

All lyrics
  1. Død manns tango
  2. Katastrofen
  3. Sigøynerblod

3/2002 Norway
This maxi-CD has not been released in Germany. However, it is enclosed in the "special edition" of the album "Ompa til du dør".

Ompa til du dør

All lyrics
  1. Kontroll på kontinentet
  2. Ompa til du dør
  3. Bøn fra helvete
  4. 170
  5. Rullett
  6. Dr. Mowinckel
  7. Fra sjåfør til passasjer
  8. Resistansen
  9. Dekk bord
  10. Bak et halleluja
  11. Bris
  12. Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg

9/2001 Norway
8/2003 Germany
The German version additionally contains the two songs "Død manns tango" as 4th and "Mann mot mann" as 9th song. Those songs are not included in the Norwegian version of the CD.

Den gule EP

All lyrics
  1. Bøn fra helvete
  2. Bastard
  3. Katastrofen
  4. Dekk bord

1999/2000 Norway

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